5 Best Reasons to Hire Personal Injury Lawyer

Why should you hire a personal injury attorney? – 5 benefits of hiring a personal injury lawyer


The world of law is confusing. The legal options for a personal injury claim are even more confusing. It’s hard to know what is the right move to make. This is where a personal injury lawyer comes in.

  • Lawyer’s experience with similar personal injury claims.

This knowledge of the law, insurance company tactics, and previous personal injuries case history will save you a lot of time and research. It will help you to save a lot of money too. Personal injury attorney’s knowledge will be indispensable.

Experienced personal injury lawyer will tell you:

  • How much is your personal injury case worth
  • What compensation are you entitled to
  • How to protect yourself from insurance companies tricks
  • How to proof the party’s responsibility for your injury
  • How to proof responsible party’s negligent or reckless behavior
  • Who is entitled to compensation from personal injury claim
  • How to proof your loss caused by personal injury
  • How to file a lawsuit

  • Personal injury attorney’s experience working with other legal professionals.

Established personal injury lawyer is willing to handle your claim, settlement, arbitration, mediation and even trial. Experienced lawyers know that bankruptcy, divorce, criminal charges, etc can all affect your injury case. The other lawyers and insurance companies will take you seriously if you have an attorney.

Personal injury lawyer knows exactly how to deal with:

  • Judge
  • Jury in the court
  • Other lawyers
  • Investigators
  • Insurance companies
  • Witnesses
  • Police

  • Personal injury lawyer’s calm and objectivity, providing peace of mind.

As a personal injury accident victim you may struggle with mental distress, post traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, fear or depression. You may still recover from the injury. It is a tough time for you and your family.  Trying to deal with your personal injury claim on your own can add unneeded stress. You can avoid unnecessary additional trauma. Let the professional handle all the legal actions for you. Personal injury attorney has to be calm and objective. The anger and frustration won’t help your case. You can focus on physical and mental recovery instead of doing research and arguing in the court. When you hire a personal injury attorney right after you have been injured, your attorney can handle all aspects of a claim so that you can have peace of mind that everything will be handled properly.

  • Providing evidence of your loss. 

An injury victim files a personal injury claim in the hopes of winning the highest possible compensation for their injuries. It is important to know what types of evidence are the most relevant. Hiring experienced lawyer to present the best possible proof of the opposing party’s negligence is crucial for a successful case.

Types of evidence in personal injury case:

  • Documents for the Injury

Most evidence that supports a personal injury case exists in documentation. These docs may include records such as medical data, test results, second doctor’s opinion, forms for insurance, medical bills, physical therapy bills, nursing care bills, incident reports, police reports and statements.


  • Photos and Videos

Taking pictures can be extremely helpful in personal injury lawsuits.  In any personal injury case, gathering objective evidence to support your claim is extremely important. In most cases the best piece of evidence can be pictures taken by a victim or a witness.  Pictures are the only type of proof that does not come from an opinion, recollection or interpretation of the accident.


  • Witnesses Providing Testimony

It is possible to increase the awareness of the courtroom about the injuries and accident through a witness at the scene. Many of these witnesses are observers at the scene or took part in the accident. Anyone who has a connection to the case through a presence at the scene of the accident may help through testimony. Examples: coworkers in a workplace injury case or other driver in a car accident personal injury case.


  • Economical loss proofs

It includes all costs resulting from an injury. Common economical loss proofs are hospital bills and other medical expenses. However, you can get compensation for vehicle repairs,  loss of wages, loss of employment, inability to return to your employment, nursing at home etc.


  • Non-economic loss proofs

Non-economic damages are often subjective, it may include pain, emotional distress, fear, anxiety, humiliation, reputational damage, loss of enjoyment of activities, loss of social life. The victim of a personal injury accident, their spouse and family are legally entitled to compensation for non-economic loss but it is hard to prove them. An Experienced personal injury lawyer will help you to recover mental loss.

  • There is no risk at all. Personal injury lawyer only gets paid if and when you are financially compensated. 

Trapani personal injury law firm works on the basis of a contingency fee – that is we only get paid if we are able to recover your damages and only after you have been financially compensated. People who hire personal injury attorneys statistically receive higher compensation in their settlements. Even after paying the lawyer’s fees, they still walk away with more money than they would have received without a personal injury lawyer. Additionally, Trapani Law Firm personal injury attorneys offer free consultation any time. These law consultations can be done over phone, email, text message or a free teleconference consultation. Our Allentown personal injury attorneys are available for a free consultation 24/7.


Last Updated on October 10, 2022

Matthew C. Trapani

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