Best Medical Malpractice Lawyers in PhiladelphiaA traumatic brain injury can have devastating effects. Many brain injuries are the consequence of accidents caused by the negligence of others, and sadly, result in permanent disability or even death.

The effects of a traumatic brain injury can be devastating, not only for the individual who suffers the injury, but for their family, as well. Our Allentown brain injury lawyers have a true understanding of the difficulties and burdens that accompany a traumatic brain injury. We offer free brain injury consultations. Our Brain injury attorneys are happy to meet you anywhere in the Lehigh Valley, Allentown, Bethlehem, Phillipsburg NJ or Easton PA.

TBI symptoms include dizziness, confusion, slurred speech, headache, blurred vision, nausea or vomiting, weakness or numbness of limbs, emotional or behavioral complications, loss of coordination, seizures, and learning difficulties. In more sever situations; victims are left in a coma or vegetable state. Our Allentown traumatic brain injury attorneys have experience representing victims suffering from TBI across the greater Lehigh Valley and across Pennsylvania.

If a TBI occurred to you or a loved one, due to auto or truck accident, where another person was at fault, there may be grounds for a traumatic brain injury lawsuit in Pennsylvania. Litigation may be necessary in other circumstances, such as medical malpractice from a doctor’s failure to exercise reasonable care or a slip and fall where the premises was not properly maintained.

A blow to the head is not necessary to cause a traumatic brain injury. In many occurrences, a high impact resulting in  violent shaking or jolting, such as a car or truck accident, can cause a traumatic brain injury. Pennsylvania Tractor-trailer truck accidents, medical malpractice and Pennsylvania construction accidents are known causes for traumatic brain injury (TBI) and concussion personal injury.

Individuals who play contact sports, such as football or hockey are at a greater risk of developing a TBI. These individuals are more likely than any other demographic to get a second concussion before an existing concussion has fully healed. This can often lead to permanent traumatic brain injury that will diminish quality of life. If you or a loved one has received any type of TBI in Easton, Allentown or the greater Lehigh Valley, you should immediately seek medical attention. A neurologist should order a CAT scan to fully assess the extent of your brain injuries. Soon thereafter you should call an experienced Allentown TBI lawyer to review all of your legal options. Our Lehigh Valley brain injury attorneys offer free consolations.

Do I Have A Traumatic Brain Injury?

Traumatic brain injuries usually arise when a sudden impact or penetration of the skull disturbs the functioning of your brain. There are two types of TBIs: closed traumatic brain injury, which does not penetrate the skull and open traumatic brain injury, which occurs when an object penetrates the skull and enters the brain. Our Allentown brain injury lawyers have experience representing clients across the Lehigh Valley with both types of traumatic brain injury. Our Pennsylvania brain injury lawyers send any client who has suffered a concussion for Diffusion Tensior Imaging (DTI) after a mild traumatic brain injury (TBI) or post-concussion accident. If you have been in a car accident and suffered a concussion or TBI please call an experienced Pennsylvania brain injury attorney at the Trapani Law Firm for a free consultation.

Traumatic brain injuries are classified as either mild or severe. An example of a severe TBI would be a personal injury that results in long-term memory loss of permanent brain damage/function. An example of a mild traumatic brain injury is an injury that causes a concussion that does not result in loss of consciousness. Call an experienced Allentown traumatic brain injury lawyer at the Trapani Law Firm today for a free consultation. A Pennsylvania brain injury attorney from the Trapani Law Firm will meet you anywhere in Pennsylvania or New Jersey including Scranton PA, Wilkes Barre PA, Allentown City, Phillipsburg NJ, Lansdale PA, Bethlehem PA, Reading PA or Camden NJ.

The brain injury attorneys at The Trapani Law Firm handle traumatic brain injury lawsuits throughout the entire state of Pennsylvania on a contingency basis, meaning you will not pay unless you are financially compensated. We have offices conveniently located in Easton, AllentownPhiladelphiaState CollegeHarrisburgScranton, Bethlehem and the Lehigh Valley to better serve our clients across the state of Pennsylvania. Additionally, and child birth injury resulting in a brain injury (TBI) should be analyzed by a Pennsylvania child birth brain jury lawyer. Call us anytime for a free birth injury consultation.

You or your loved one may be able to recover financial compensation for your traumatic brain injury, even if it happened some time ago. The statute of limitations for an injured Plaintiff in Pennsylvania is 2 years from the date of the incident which caused the TBI.

Please contact an Allentown brain injury lawyer at The Trapani Law Firm for a free consultation by calling (610) 351 – 2330 or contact us.

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Last Updated on March 20, 2023