Allentown Tractor-Trailer Wrongful Death Accident on American Parkway Bridge

A young man was killed in a car accident involving a tractor-trailer in Allentown, Pennsylvania on January 3rd in the morning. The 18 year old was driving his car when the terrible traffic crash happened. The deceased’s car collided with another vehicle at about 7:37 P.M. Monday evening on the highway’s bridge in the city. The Allentown fatal accident involving tractor trailer occurred on the American Parkway Bridge. Car driver was pronounced dead at the scene just after 9:05 P.M. Causes of death aren’t confirmed yet but the coroner said he died due to several severe multiple organ injuries that occurred because of the crash. The crash is being investigated by Allentown police and the Lehigh County District Attorney’s office. Police officers spoke with several witnesses already. Drone videos of the scene and witnesses’ testimonies will help to find out who is held liable for the road accident.


The four-lane road was closed for hours Monday night while police investigated and has since reopened to traffic. The victim of the Allentown road accident – 18 years old, was a former Catasauqua High School football player. His schoolmates and friends describe him as mature beyond his years and a very cheerful person. Solar was always involved in school events and was a volunteer. His sudden death in a tractor-trailer crash on Allentown road is a huge tragedy for the Catasauqua High School community. His unfair and premature death was a second devastating event to strike the borough in just 10 days. It is always unfair and devastating when young people die unexpectedly. The Allentown vehicle crash victim’s family suffers economic difficulties as well. A GoFundMe campaign was created for the driver’s family to help pay for his funeral.


It is devastating and horrible that two young and ambitious men were killed in road crashes only a few days apart. Sadly, the statistics show that lots of people die in Pennsylvania traffic accidents almost everyday. Tractor trailer road accidents are often fatal for car drivers and their passengers. Traffic accidents involving tractor trailers, trucks and semi-trucks are very dangerous for car drivers and other road participants. Over 7000 of all road accidents occuring in the State of Pennsylvania involve tractor-trailers and semi-trucks each year. Hundreds of them are fatal for at least one of the participants of the crash accidents. Many of the Pennsylvania road accident fatalities are wrongful deaths. Family members of the deceased person may be entitled to file a Pennsylvania wrongful death truck accident lawsuit. The driver who caused the crash resulting in another person’s fatal injury may be held liable for a wrongful death. If your loved one died in a truck, semi-truck or tractor-trailer accident you may be entitled to seek compensation in a Pennsylvania wrongful death claim. Contact Trapani Law Firm to discuss your Allentown personal injury case. Our Lehigh Valley wrongful death attorneys will make themselves available to meet you anytime in the area of Lehigh Valley, Allentown, Bethlehem, Philadelphia and many other places in the State of Pennsylvania.



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