Best Medical Malpractice Lawyers in PhiladelphiaCall an Allentown wrongful death lawyer in Lehigh Valley PA, Bethlehem PA or Easton PA today for a free consultation. Losing a loved one is never easy, but losing a loved one due to the negligence or carelessness of another individual can be extremely difficult. Wrongful Death fatal accidents in Lehigh Valley PA are often caused by: auto accidentspremises liabilitymedical malpracticedrowningtractor-trailer accidentsworkplace injuries, and defective products like child inclined sleeper death lawsuits.

The Trapani Law Firm handles wrongful death lawsuits across the entire U.S. including Philadelphia PA, Allentown PA, Bethlehem PA, Easton PA and the greater Lehigh Valley related to Construction Accidents involving a forklift dead man switch, construction crane accidents, tractor-trailer wrongful death accidents, building collapse and construction scaffolding wrongful death accidents. Moreover, we also handle boat accident wrongful death lawsuits across the state of Pennsylvania. “Wrongful Death” is the term used in civil cases for a death caused by another’s negligence. Call us anytime for a free consultation. We do not get paid unless we win your Allentown wrongful death lawsuit.

Pennsylvania Wrongful Death Attorney

The events that led to the loss of a loved one in a wrongful death case can significantly add to the pain and grief that a family may experience during this difficult time. That is why it is critical that you seek the legal advice of an experienced Lehigh Valley wrongful death lawyer. Like many personal injury cases, wrongful death lawsuits must be filed as soon as possible. Our Allentown wrongful death attorneys understand that you may be reluctant to seek legal assistance during this painful time, but contacting a skilled wrongful death lawyer is one of the most important steps you can take to defend the rights of your loved one. A Pennsylvania wrongful death law firm can work to expose the negligence of a company or individual who may be legally responsible for the wrongful death of your family member or loved one.

Our experienced wrongful death lawyers at The Trapani Law Firm help clients who have lost loved ones across the nation and across Pennsylvania. We understand that an unexpected death may impose great burdens on a family, including lost wages, costly medical expenses, unforeseen bills, and funeral service expenses.

Wrongful Death Lawyer

Recently, our Lehigh Valley wrongful death lawyers represented a family in Easton, PA who lost a loved one in gas explosion. The negligent company was held liable and a confidential settlement was reached. While no amount of money can undo this tragedy, we hope our timeless efforts will protect our local community from future Lehigh Valley wrongful death lawsuits. Our asbestos wrongful death lawyers can help your family recover compensation for an asbestos wrongful death lawsuit in the greater Lehigh Valley.

Although no amount of money or financial compensation can make up for the devastating loss of a loved one, the wrongful death attorneys at The Trapani Wrongful Death Law Firm will fight to hold all liable parties responsible. It is our goal to provide all Pennsylvania clients with the legal guidance necessary to obtain the compensation they deserve.

Wrongful Death Case

Helping you get justice in a wrongful death case is our number one priority. We know that losing a loved one due to negligence can cause a great deal of trauma for any family. That is why we strive to hold the responsible company, institution, or individual accountable in the quickest way possible. Our wrongful death lawyers are ready to help you pick up the pieces and will help you gain closure by holding all liable parties responsible. We can meet you in Easton PA, Bethlehem PA, Allentown PA or Lehigh Valley PA.

The Trapani Law Firm treats every client with compassion and our wrongful death lawyers are there to listen during this emotionally devastating time of grief. At the Trapani Law Firm, you can be sure to find an experienced fatal accident lawyer who will understand the difficulties and complexities of your Easton wrongful death lawsuit.

Who Can File A Wrongful Death Lawsuit In Pennsylvania?

A Bethlehem wrongful death lawsuit must be filed by the “personal representative” of the deceased’s estate. This representative is typically outlined in the victim’s will. If there is not a will, the court may assign a representative. The Allentown wrongful death case is filed on behalf of the beneficiaries of the victim’s estate. In Pennsylvania, these beneficiaries are limited to the spouse, children or parents of the victim.

Many times an Easton wrongful death beneficiary analysis can be complex. In that circumstance it is best to have an experienced wrongful death attorney analyze the facts. If you have lost a loved one, our wrongful death law firm would like to help. Please call our Pennsylvania wrongful death attorneys today for a free consultation.

Wrongful Death Damages in Pennsylvania

Wrongful death damages in Pennsylvania can be somewhat confusing. There are two potential claims available – a Pennsylvania Wrongful Death Claim and a Pennsylvania Survival Claim.

In a wrongful death claim, the spouse, children and/or parents of the deceased can bring an action to recover damages they’ve sustained as a result of the wrongful death. These damages include, medical expenses, funeral expenses, lost wages that would have been contributed to the family, loss of companionship that the spouse and the deceased’s children would have received and punitive damages.

In a survival claim, the decedent’s estate is substituted for the decedent. In this type of survival action, the estate has the right to bring a claim for the negligence or reckless act that caused the fatal accident. Here the estate may recover damages for pain and suffering and lost wages over the deceased’s life span. In most circumstances, it is best to have an experienced wrongful death lawyer review all available legal actions.

Wrongful Death Statute of Limitations in Pennsylvania

The wrongful death statute of limitations in Pennsylvania provides that “an action to recover damages for injuries to the person or for the death of an individual caused by the wrongful act or neglect or unlawful violence or negligence of another” must be started within two years. 42 Pa.C.S. § 5524(2). This two-year period begins “from the time the cause of action accrued.” 42 Pa.C.S. § 5502(a).

With wrongful death lawsuits, the statute of limitations ends two years from the date of death. But it is important to note that for a survival action, the statute of limitations ends two years from the date the fatal accident occurred. The survival action is the claim made by the deceased’s survivors on behalf of the deceased.

Sometimes a wrongful death statue of limitations analysis can be complex. In that situation it is best to have an experienced wrongful death lawyer analyze the facts and circumstances. If you have lost a loved one, our wrongful death lawyers would like to assist. Call us anytime for a free consultation.

Wrongful Death Settlement

Many previous clients have asked about the possibility of a wrongful death settlement rather than litigation and a trial. The direction of a wrongful death lawsuit typically depends on many fact specific factors. Ultimately, these decisions are made as a “team.” Our Allentown wrongful death attorneys will spend a great deal of time going over every option available and our clients will make a very informed decision after hearing our advice. At the end of the day, these decisions are always up to the client and it is our job to make sure they have every bit of information available, in order to make an informed decision. We take great pride in working as a “team” with our clients. Our Bethlehem wrongful death attorneys with will work with you every step of the way.

Fire Burn Electrocution & Gas Explosion Lawyers

Fires and gas explosions are one of the most destructive accidents that occur throughout the Lehigh Valley. These types of accidents can lead to wrongful death and serious burns or other personal injuries. Fires and gas explosions happen throughout Allentown, Easton and Bethlehem in all manners and under a variety of circumstances. Under Pennsylvania law, victims of fires or gas explosions that are caused by negligence are allowed to seek fair compensation against the responsible companies. Our electrocution attorneys represent victims of electrical injury and PPL power line accidents. Additionally, our gas explosion lawyers handle wrongful death cases across the greater Lehigh Valley. We handle wrongful death lawsuits caused by propane explosions, natural gas explosions and utility companies.

The wrongful death lawyers at the Trapani Law Firm have seen how devastating it can be for families that have lost a loved one due to another’s negligence. That is why we have dedicated our careers to helping surviving family members seek justice for their loved ones and recover the financial compensation needed to move forward from such a dreadful loss. Our Lehigh Valley wrongful death attorneys can help you understand your legal rights and options after the wrongful death of a loved one. An experienced Allentown wrongful death lawyer can meet you family in any of the following Lehigh Valley PA neighborhoods: Whitehall PA, Emmaus PA, Macungie PA, Lehigh County PA, Hellertown PA, Freemansburg PA, Hanover Township PA, Saucon Township PA, Phillipsburg NJ, Wilson PA, Nazareth PA, Northampton County PA, Forks Township PA, or Palmer Township PA.

Wrongful Death Truck Accident Lawyer

Tractor-trailer truck accidents are among the most dangerous situations on the roadway. Trucks like 18-wheelers or pickup trucks cause wrongful death accidents throughout the Lehigh Valley. Semi trucks are much heavier than the regular motor vehicles. The momentum of these heavy tractor-trailer trucks on the highways like Interstate 78 and Route 22 is tremendous. And when these big rigs hit a smaller vehicle or pedestrian, the motor vehicle accidents can be devastating and even lead to wrongful death. Our semi truck accident lawyers handle wrongful death cases in Allentown, Easton, Bethlehem and the greater Lehigh Valley.

The wrongful death attorneys at The Trapani Law Firm handle cases throughout the entire state of Pennsylvania on a contingency basis, meaning you will not pay unless you are financially compensated. If you are looking for a wrongful death lawyer near me, call our law firm anytime. Our main office is located in Allentown, with satellite offices located in LancasterHarrisburgState CollegePhiladelphiaScranton, and Pittsburgh for the convenience of our clients across the state.

If you have lost a loved one due to wrongful death as a result of another’s negligence, contact a wrongful death lawyer at the Trapani Law Firm for a free consultation by calling (610) 351 – 2330 or contact us

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