Philadelphia Birth Injury Due to Difficult Child Delivery

Pennsylvania birth trauma occurs when a healthcare professional fails to provide safe labor and delivery. A Philadelphia birth injury may refer to any physical damage occurring due to various factors, including prolonged and difficult childbirth. A broad spectrum of more or less severe consequences may be caused by an injury that occurs during or right after birth. Sometimes, birth injuries may be caused even by negligence before the delivery or failure to administer treatment for the fetus or future mother. Let’s focus on those birth injuries caused by doctors’ failures related to strenuous labor. Having a baby is inextricably linked with some risk factors, including congenital diseases and genetic defects. Modern medical equipment and doctors with expertise and skills are there to decrease the risks and focus on mothers’ and babies’ needs. Sadly, even experienced and skilled doctors sometimes fail due to preexisting conditions, fatigue, negligence, mistakes, wrong test results, misreading test results, and many other errors. Doctors should know that every pregnancy and baby delivery is unique and prepared for every possibility. It is estimated that lots of birth injuries could have been prevented. Parents of the baby sustaining life-altering preventable injury or disability may be entitled to sue the hospital and liable doctors for their baby’s irreversible health consequences. Philadelphia birth injuries may result in severe cognitive delays, physical disability, inability to live independently, and speaking issues. Even if the Lehigh Valley birth defects or injuries are related to the fetus’ or woman’s congenital feathers, doctors may still be liable for the damage because they must perform emergency cesarean section or other medical procedures properly in some instances. Call a Philadelphia birth injury lawyer for a free consultation.

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Birth Injury Lawyer Philadelphia Review

Five Most Common Birth Injuries

Five most common Philadelphia Birth Injuries


What is the birth injury?


Birth injury is defined as an impairment of the neonate’s body function or structure due to an adverse event that occurred at birth. Injury may occur during labor, delivery, or after delivery, especially in neonates who require resuscitation in the delivery room.

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