Multi-vehicle car accident on Route 33 in Monroe County, Pennsylvania

A Pennsylvania traffic accident occurred Wednesday morning on Route 33 North between Saylorsburg and Route 209 in the Hamilton Township portion of the highway. A personal injury accident involving a tractor-trailer, a pickup truck, and a sedan passenger car occurred on March 1st at 10:55 AM on Route 33. Police reported that a faulty tractor-trailer was stopped on the left lane of the southbound lanes on the highway near mile marker 20,6. It was stuck between the rig and another damaged vehicle – a pickup truck. The third vehicle – a passenger car was trapped under the trailer causing Pennsylvania personal injuries. A medical helicopter landed on the scene of the Route 33 accident. Lanes on both sides were closed to make emergency access for paramedics and police officers. No fatalities have been reported at this time.

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30 Year Old Victim of Falling Concrete in Philadelphia Center City, South 13th Street

Woman was struck in her head by a concrete slab that fell from a building in Philadelphia PA. The 30 year old victim is in critical condition after the accident. Injured woman was transported to Jefferson Hospital immediately after the Philadelphia personal injury accident. The devastating incident occurred on the 200 block of S 13th and Chancellor Streets in the Center City section of Philadelphia Pennsylvania. A woman was hit by a falling object after 9am on Wednesday near Walnut Street and Walnut Square.

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Pottstown Explosion Causes 4 Wrongful Deaths

Pottstown Explosion Lawyer

A Pottstown home explosion killed 4 people on May 26, 2022 near Butler Street and Hale Street. Our Philadelphia wrongful death lawyers offer free consultations to any family member who lost a loved one in the Pottstown PA explosion in Montgomery County Pennsylvania. The Pottstown explosion took place near Hale Street and Butler Street around 8:00 p.m. In addition to the four wrongful deaths, there were several personal injuries as a result of the Pottstown PA house explosion. If you have lost a loved one, call us anytime for a free Pennsylvania wrongful death consultation. We do not get paid unless we win your Pottstown wrongful death lawsuit.

Philadelphia Wrongful Death Attorney

Our Philadelphia wrongful death attorneys at the Trapani Law Firm would like to pass along our thoughts and prayers to all family members and friends affected by this fatal Pottstown explosion on May 26th. Our Pennsylvania wrongful death lawyers recommend immediate medical treatment after a Pennsylvania home explosion in order to prevent any long-term personal injuries.

Sadly, public utility companies overlook safety protocols and allow propane gas lines to become corroded leading to gas leaks which can cause a Pottstown explosion. Natural gas home explosion can be the result of a leaking tank or hose or defective product. A defective natural gas connector or propane gas leak can cause a Pennsylvania wrongful death accident. Our Pottstown gas home explosion attorneys are here to help after a Pennsylvania propane gas home explosion. Household appliances and equipment are often involved in home gas explosions, such as:

  • Propane Gas Tank
  • Gas Generator
  • Gas Oven
  • Central Heating and Cooling System (HVAC)
  • Apartment Complex Explosion and Fire
  • Dryer
  • Outdoor Barbecue Grill
  • Swimming Pool Heater
  • Gas Space Heater
  • Propane Fireplace
  • Natural Gas Tank Explosion
  • E-Cigarette Explosion

The Trapani Wrongful Death Law Firm treats every client with compassion and an experienced Pottstown wrongful death attorney is there to listen during this emotionally devastating time of grief. At our Pennsylvania law firm, you can be sure to find an experienced Pottstown wrongful death lawyer who will understand the difficulties and complexities of your Pennsylvania wrongful death lawsuit. If you have lost a loved one in  a Pottstown home explosion, call a Philadelphia wrongful death attorney for a free consultation.

$2 Million Allentown Personal Injury Accident Settlement

Our Allentown personal injury lawyers are proud to announce a $2 Million settlement for a Lehigh Valley personal injury accident. Sadly, the victim of the Allentown personal injury accident lost his life in the Lehigh Valley explosion accident. The victim suffered his Lehigh Valley wrongful death at the scene of the Pennsylvania wrongful death accident. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victim’s family.

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Pennsylvania Talcum Powder Ovarian Cancer Lawsuit Baby Powder Attorney

Our Pennsylvania Baby Powder cancer lawyers are investigating lawsuits on behalf of women who have developed ovarian cancer after use of J& J Baby Powder or talcum powder. Johnson & Johnson knew of studies dating back to 1982 linking talcum powder to peritoneal ovarian cancer, yet they refused to stop producing their very profitable baby powder products. Studies show that women using baby powder are 33 percent more likely to develop ovarian cancer. Our Pennsylvania talcum powder cancer lawyers are here to help the victims and their families find justice and support for J&J’s wrongdoings. 

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LEHIGH VALLEY: Product Liability Recall for Toy Wand sold at Disney Show in Allentown

A toy wand that was sold at the PPL Center in Allentown has been recalled. The wands were sold during Disney Live and Disney on Ice shows in the Allentown PPL Center this past October of 2016. These toys have a Mickey Mouse or Minnie Mouse at the top and are imprinted with lot numbers 954544 and 954603. Anyone who purchased the toy wand should stop using it immediately and contact Feld Entertainment to receive a refund.

Product liability defects result in thousands of personal injuries each year, in the United States. If a defective product has injured you or a loved one, the Allentown layers at the Trapani Law Firm would like to help. Call our Lehigh Valley personal injury attorneys anytime for a free consultation. We handle a wide number of personal injury claims including car accidents, products liability, wrongful death litigation and medical malpractice. We can help.

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LEHIGH VALLEY: Product Liability Recall for Toy Wand sold at Disney Show in Allentown
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Most of us don’t realize how important tractor-trailer highway safety is until it affects someone we know and love. The current laws in place restricting tractor-trailer truck length; weight and driver’s hours are slowly being eroded so that big business can increase their bottom line. This will ultimately lead to more car accidents caused by tractor-trailers and my fear at the Trapani Law Firm is that most if us will never realize what is taking place until a loved one is involved in a personal injury or wrongful death car accident here in the Lehigh Valley.

The trucking industry is currently objecting to requirements that truck drivers take a 34-hour break before starting a “a new work week,” with two periods of sleep from 1 a.m. to 5 a.m. Sleep scientists insist that rest during these early morning periods is critical for drivers to recharge before they get back on the road. The personal injury attorneys at the Trapani Law Firm ask all our friends to remind their local politicians that strict highway safety laws are imperative in order to avoid tragic auto accidents in the Lehigh Valley. We hope that this message finds you well and that you will consider the safety of our roads in the future.