Our Defective Furniture Tip-Over Accident Lawyers are here to help you if your child or loved one has suffered serious personal injury or wrongful death due to IKEA furniture, Kanes Furniture, Art Van Furniture, flat screen and cathode-ray tube (CRT) televisions and electrical appliance tip overs across Pennsylvania. Every year more than 25,00 infants and children suffer serious injury and wrongful death as a result of furniture tip-over accidents. Young children have died as a result of crushing injuries and suffocation. Massive recalls of tip over furniture reveals the significant risk of defective product design have caused class action lawsuits. The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) states dressers, televisions, and free- standing stoves are unstable if not properly anchored to the wall. Numerous personal injury and Pennsylvania wrongful death lawsuits have been filed due to tip over furniture accidents. IKEA, a Swedish furniture manufacturerhas agreed to a $50 million dollar settlement in the wrongful death of three children. In Pennsylvania, a family received a $2.3 million settlement in the wrongful death of their young child. Call an experienced Pennsylvania Furniture Tip-Over Accident Lawyer anytime for a free consultation.

IKEA Recall Furniture Tip-Over Accidents

In 2016, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) compelled furniture manufacturer and distributor, IKEA, to recall over 29 million of its MALM line of pieces of furniture. The IKEA recall was the biggest furniture recall in history and may lead to a furniture accident class action lawsuit. This was a result of the report of over 90 young toddlers and children suffering personal injuries in furniture tip-over accidents involving MALM children’s and adult dressers. IKEA was slow in addressing the safety issues of furniture tip-over. It took as many as eight wrongful deaths of young children caused by an IKEA dresser tip over before the IKEA recalled the dangerously unstable dressers that did not meet current safety standards. IKEA did not share with consumers the risks that persisted. Parents of a two-year old toddler have reported a wrongful death action since IKEA issued this massive recall and potential class action lawsuit. Over the past ten years, IKEA has recalled millions of products including high chairs, crib mattresses, beds and tents. Some of these recalls have results in major personal injury due to strangulation. Despite these IKEA recalls, numerous product liability, personal injury and Pennsylvania wrongful death lawsuits continue to be filed against this manufacturer.

South Shore Corporation, a children’s furniture manufacturer located in Massachusetts recalled over 300,000 of its Libra dressers. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) stated the dressers are unstable if not anchored to the wall. This poses serious furniture tip-over accident and entrapment hazards. This recall was announced after incidents with serious personal injuries and a fatal wrongful death furniture tip-over incident involving the death of a two-year old child. Kirkland’s, Inc., a U.S. retail chain and furnituremanufacturer, voluntarily recalled its Camille chest of drawers due to tip-over and entrapment hazards that could result in death or serious and permanent personal injury to children. Remedies offered by these tip over furniture manufacturers includeeither a full refund or a free tip-over restraint kit with freehome installation. Call anexperienced Pennsylvania Product Liability Attorney anytime for a free consultation.

IKEA Agrees To $50 Million Settlement Over Furniture Tip Over

In 2016, IKEA, agreed to a $50 million settlement in the wrongful death of three small children. The settlement prompted the unprecedented recall of 29 million IKEA MALM dressers and chests that the furniture company acknowledged could tip over and injure or kill infants, toddlers and children.The wrongful deaths resulted from the IKEA MALM line dressers toppling over due to their defective design. Families claimed IKEA had been aware of the risks, however, still continued to market its defective product. This was IKEA’S third multi-million dollar settlement in eight years. In 2008 a Pennsylvania family received a $2.3 million settlement when a 200-pound wardrobe tipped over onto a two-year old child, fatally crushing the child leading to a Pennsylvania wrongful death lawsuit. Many furniture tip-over lawsuits have been filed against IKEA alleging severe and permanent injuries, gross negligence and wrongful death. Call an experienced Pennsylvania Wrongful Death Lawyer anytime for a free consultation.

Hidden Dangers of Unanchored Furniture

Massive recalls of furniture tip-over reveal the significance of the risk of defective product design. This will lead to class action lawsuits such asthe Kanes Furniture Lawsuit and the Art Van FurnitureLawsuit. Tip over furniture is epidemic. There has been an estimated 195 infant and child wrongful deaths covering 2006-2016. Every year more than 25,000 infants and children suffer severe and permanent personal injuries and wrongful death as a result of tip-over accidents. These children are being crushed or strangled due to furniture and television tip over accidents. A majority of these children are five years old or younger. Serious and permanent Pennsylvania personal injury occurring from improperly anchored or unanchored furniture and electronic appliances and other heavy products can be devastating. Young children having suffered fractured bones, concussions, severe internal organ injuries, nerve damage and traumatic brain injury. Tip over furniture product liability and wrongful death lawsuits continue despite these furniture recall. Parents are urged to stop using furniture that does not comply with the performance requirements of the U.S. voluntary industry standard. Call an experienced Pennsylvania Furniture Tip-Over Injury Lawyer anytime for a free consultation.

Secure Furniture and TVs to Prevent Furniture Tip-Over Accidents

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), one child dies every 10 days from a furniture or television tip-over. Cathode-ray tube (CRT) TV’s are tipping over and causing severe crushing injuries. When placed on top of furniture, children crawling and climbing the furniture can cause both the TV and furniture to tip over, increasing risk of serious personal injury and death. Flat screen TV’s tip over easily due to their narrow base. Flat screen televisions not properly anchored to the wall are falling onto children causing devastating Allentown personal injury. Legislation has been introduced supporting the STURDY Act of 2019 (Stop Tip-Overs of Unstable, Risky Dressers on Youth) to prevent more children from being injured and killed by furniture tip-overs. STURDY Act will hopefully save the lives of your loved one by placing more stringent furniture safety standards. The STURDY Act is requiring testing measures to account of incidents involving loaded drawers, carpeting and the force of a climbing child.It was also mandate strong warning requirements for furniture manufacturers. Within one year of enactment, the CPSC will be required to issue the mandatory standard.

Some safety precautions to take to help protect your child from serious bodily harm and Pennsylvania wrongful death include:

  • Anchor TV’s firmly to the wall or piece of furniture;
  • Use safety straps or brackets for CRT TV’s;
  • Keep television and cable cords out of reach;
  • Keep remote controls, electronics such as Ipads, toys and other items of interest to children off of TV stands or furniture;
  • Install drawer stops;
  • Dressers, desks, chests, bookcases, mirrors and other pieces of furniture should be anchored into a wall stud with drywall screws or other approved wall mounting kits;
  • Freestanding stoves should be installed with anti-tip brackets; and
  • Keep all appliance cords out of children’s reach to avoid injuries.
Pennsylvania IKEA Furniture Injury Lawyers

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