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Call a NYC doctor Zhi Alan Cheng assault attorney in New York for a free consultation. New York, Queens Dr. Zhi Alan Cheng was sued for sexual assault, drugging, and rape of his female patients. The NYC Queens Presbyterian Hospital gastroenterologist may be held liable for dozens of sexual violence crimes on several female patients. Doctor Cheng was previously arrested and charged with rape in December of 2022. Investigators found indisputable evidence of his guilt – videotapes made by himself involving sexual assault medical malpractice. Seductive medicines and illegal drugs accompanied films showing sexual assaults of unconscious women in NYC. Cheng’s new counts include rape, unlawful surveillance, and criminal possession of a controlled substance. He may be held liable in a New York sexual assault lawsuit; the upcoming court date is scheduled for September 19, 2023. Cheng is arrested and jailed until his New York Queens District Court trial. Call our NYC sex assault lawyers if you were a victim of Dr. Zhi Alan Cheng. We offer free consultations in Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx and Staten Island NYC.


Monstrous and reprehensible – Doctor Zhi Alan Cheng’s criminal allegations and evidence against him


Patients allege that a doctor from New York is liable for rape, sexual harassment, drauging, and filming his sexual assaults. Doctor Zhi Alan Cheng was arrested for sexual assaults on his patients at a prominent New York hospital. He was already arrested and charged for rape and sexual assault in December 2022. Other victims brought over 50 new counts against doctor Zhi Alan Cheng after a previous claim. Lawsuits allege that he sexually harmed three patients at the New York Presbyterian Queens Hospital and raped another three women in his home. Prosecutors found videotapes proving sexual assaults on other patients. The video evidence shows at least six new victims of rapes and dragging by doctor Zhi Alan Cheng. He has been making videotapes of his cruel, disgusting, and devastating sexual actions across the country. There are at least a few more victims of sexual assault and rape outside New York expected to file lawsuits against doctor Zhi Alan Cheng. Prosecutors suspect that there could be even more innocent patients harassed or raped by doctors from Queens Hospital. The heinous actions of Doctor Cheng are captured in his videos, so there are no doubts he will be held liable for rape and sexual violence due to solid and indisputable pieces of evidence. The new counts were recently brought to the New York court. Doctor Zhi Alan Cheng has pleaded not guilty to the new charges as well as the counts from the December arrest. The new charges result from an investigation that began when a woman raped by Doctor Cheng found videos in his home in December last year. Videotapes hidden by Doctor Cheng show him assaulting her and other women.


Further searching Cheng’s home uncovered multiple videos of unconscious female hospital patients assaulted by himself. Additional videos found in Cheng’s apartment during the investigation revealed more victims being assaulted at New York-Presbyterian Queens Hospital, at Cheng’s apartment, and other locations in Westchester County NY, Manhattan, Las Vegas NV, San Francisco CA, and Thailand. Prosecutors found evidence of his fault and hospital drugs like propofol and sevoflurane, used in healthcare settings to sedate patients. Doctor Zhi Alan Cheng has been using medicines to put his victims to sleep and keep them unconscious during his monstrous actions. In addition to sedative drugs, New York investigators found narcotics, including fentanyl, ketamine, and LSD. Queens district attorney revealed that the newest allegations against Doctor Cheng include rape, unlawful surveillance, and criminal possession of a controlled substance. The upcoming date for his court appearance is scheduled on September 19th, 2023.


New York sexual assault in Queens Presbyterian Hospital


Doctors and other healthcare employees vowed to save lives and care for their patients. They should be trustworthy and dedicated. Sadly, not every doctor deserves respect and trust. Zhi Alan Cheng has betrayed doctors’ mission by harassing and assaulting his patients at the New York hospital. Plaintiffs sued their torturer and his superiors at the hospital where he worked. The New York Queens Presbyterian Hospital made a statement and assured that doctor Zhi Alan Cheng was immediately placed off duty, banned from hospital property, and terminated as soon as they learned about his criminal actions, after his first arrest in December. However, some victims allege the hospital for ignoring abuse complaints. Plaintiffs who filed a claim against the hospital said that the entire NY Queens Presbyterian Hospital system knew that Cheng had sexually assaulted patients and conspired to cover it up. The lawsuit against the Queen Presbyterian Hospital alleges that they did not inform the police about suspected sexual abuse or did not collect evidence against him. The plaintiffs said that the NYC Queens Presbyterian Hospital had received complaints about Doctor Cheng’s behavior prior to December 2022, but they did not fire him. In addition to those suspicions, victims testified that they received unknown drugs, and the hospital has no record of what drugs they were given. Those allegations are under investigation.


New York sexual assault in the medical industry and abusive doctors


Serial rapists should have been isolated long ago if there were any, even tiny, suspicions. Cheng not only broke his medical oath and patients’ trust but every standard of human decency. While awareness and enforcement of laws against sexual misconduct are higher than ever, sexual battery cases still occur too often at hospitals and physicians’ offices. Any sexual relationship between the doctor and patient during the course of treatment and examination is not considered acceptable. Any medically unnecessary and unreasonable physical contact with a patient is considered unprofessional conduct and grounds for disciplinary action. Sexual battery, sexual abuse, sexual assault, sexual violence, and sexual harassment are not the only bases to file a report to the medical board of the current state. Disgraceful behaviors occurring during the course of medical treatment may be the basis to start civil action and file a New York sexual assault lawsuit against the doctor. New York personal injury sexual misconduct lawsuits and class actions against doctors who breach the oath and harm their patients are one of the various ways to seek justice for victims of such devastating crimes. Many victims of sexual violence are ashamed and suffer from post-traumatic stress issues. No doubt, filing a New York sexual assault lawsuit against the doctors who harm their patients demands bravery. New York sexual abuse victims may feel insecure and struggle with many concerns. However, this is the only way to protect other patients and regain trust in the medical industry. Experienced New York sexual misconduct personal injury attorney will provide professional help, confidence, and expertise and protect clients from additional stress during the trial. It is crucial to collect solid and clear evidence of rape, sexual abuse, or harassment. The liable NYC doctors may hide or counterfeit pieces of evidence to cover their criminal and reprehensible actions. Our New York sexual abuse attorneys know how to find, collect, and bring the court strong proof of the liable doctor’s guilt. We provide our knowledge to protect victims and seek justice for all patients who lost their dignity, security, and peace due to sexual battery.


Drug-facilitated sexual assault occurs when drugs are used to compromise a person’s ability to consent to sexual activity. Drugs and sedators make it easier for a perpetrator to commit sexual crime because these substances lower inhibitions, reduce a person’s ability to resist, and prevent them from remembering details of the assault. Drugs can cause diminished capacity for making decisions. Doctor Zhi Alan Cheng has been giving sedative drugs to make his victims unconscious and raping them cruelly. Doctors used to have unlimited access to these kinds of drugs and the possibility to misuse them. Hospitals regulate medication access, most commonly to prevent such criminal and cruel actions. However, if you suspect a rapist or other sex offender may have sedated you, contact a hospital that can provide a sexual assault forensic exam and test a blood and urine for substances as soon as possible. Victims of dragging and rape/any sexual violence have to preserve the evidence for a New York sexual assault investigation.


NYC sexual assault lawsuit against Doctor Zhi Alan Cheng  


If a healthcare professional has sexually harmed you or your loved one, you may be entitled to seek compensation in a New York sexual assault lawsuit or medical malpractice case. If you are aware of more victims harmed by the same doctor, it may be the basis for a New York class action lawsuit against Dr. Zhi Alan Cheng and Queens Presbyterian Hospital in NYC. Call us today for a free consultation.


Medical professionals are some of the most highly respected members of our society. We all trust that if we get involved in an accident or develop a severe disease, highly qualified doctors, skilled surgeons, and other trained hospital employees will be there to save our lives and take care of us. Sadly, some doctors do not deserve respect and trust. As New York sex assault attorneys, we are here to help victims to seek justice and recover their damages. The impact of sexual violence is enormous, especially if the person liable for the violence is known as trustworthy and respected. In addition to physical injuries, such as sexually transmitted diseases, sexual abuse victims often struggle with various mental issues. New York sexual assault victims have post-traumatic stress disorder, trust issues, anxiety, suicidal ideation, and depression. Our New York medical malpractice lawyers will help the plaintiffs to prove their losses and seek compensation that will help them to recover physically and mentally. Our NYC sexual assault attorneys will help the victims to support the lawsuit with evidence of rape, dragging, sexual harassment, and abuse. It is crucial for the victim struggling with emotional distress to prevent additional stress; experienced NYC sexual abuse lawyers guarantee peace of mind during the investigation and trial. Contact us today for a free consultation!

Last Updated on September 21, 2023