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Call a Newark NJ explosion attorney for a free consultation. A collapsed building on South Pine Lane in Newark, New Jersey left several injured victims and 31 displaced people. The Newark housing complex explosion occurred in South Pine Lane on Friday evening, July 21, 2023. An explosion at a two-story apartment building in Newark, New Jersey resulted in a portion of the structure being reduced to rubble. The devastating incident took place at 6 p.m. on July 21st 2023. The exact location of the explosion’s origin remains unknown. The walls of the building were completely blown off, leaving behind debris and forgotten furniture. Numerous residents lost their homes as the building suffered extensive damage. Fortunately, no lives were lost, though five individuals were transported to nearby hospitals, with one woman sustaining severe burns. A Newark explosion lawyer can help.


Suspected causes of the Newark, New Jersey building explosion were not revealed yet


The explosion tore through the building, prompting emergency officials to launch an investigation throughout the night to determine the cause and identify the specific apartment where it originated. As a precautionary measure, the owner of the premises shut off the gas supply and initiated an investigation to rule out any potential gas leaks.

According to the housing director, there were no previous reports of a gas odor lingering in the area for an extended period. The City of Newark is still investigating the cause of an explosion at the Stephen Crane housing complex in Newark, New Jersey.


First aid and help for victims of the Newark, New Jersey apartment building collapse


The American Red Cross is currently providing emergency assistance, including food, clothing, and other immediate necessities, to 31 individuals from 12 different families. In the meantime, the Newark Housing Authority has offered temporary housing arrangements for these families affected by the Newark, New Jersey explosion.


Premises liability personal injury lawyer


Building explosions occur once in the while in the USA and have a huge and devastating impact on citizens. The most common injuries caused by apartment building explosions and fires include: smoke inhalation, severe burns, and head and spine injuries. Accidents may be caused by various factors. Some of the accidents could have been prevented by proper building management and following safety rules. Several innocent people may sustain injuries or die due to explosions, fires and buildings collapses. Such accidents may be grounds to file a premises liability claim against the building owner. Victims of such devastating events may be entitled to sue the liable party for various negligence, hazardous factors on the property, failure to repair faults.


Contact an experienced Newark lawyer to discuss the case. We can investigate to find if all the safety standards have been met by property owners. Premises liability compensation may help victims to regain their balance and rebuild their homes after devastating accidents. Our Trapani Law Firm premises liability attorneys will offer their expertise and experience to seek justice for apartment explosion, fires and collapses victims who were left homeless and injured.



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