Over 70 Summer 2024 Road Accidents in Lehigh Valley PA

Summer has just begun, and we are already counting the dead and injured victims of accidents on the roads of Lehigh Valley by the dozens. Several car and truck accidents occurred and left hundreds of individuals harmed. It has been a very terrifying and deadly few weeks on Allentown, Bethlehem and Easton Roads. 

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Lehigh Valley Accidents Last Week: Bethlehem Train Accident, Allentown Building Fire and Fatal Mower Accident

Three of the most devastating Lehigh Valley accidents that occurred at the beginning of July: Bethlehem Train Accident, Allentown Building Fire and Fatal Mower Accident

Bethlehem Train Derailment Accidents – Norfolk Southern, Pennsylvania Train Derails Under Hill-to-Hill Bridge in Bethlehem


Several Norfolk Southern train cars derailed Friday, July 5, afternoon near the Hill-to-Hill Bridge in South Bethlehem, marking the second derailment in the area this year.

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Multivehicle crash in Lehigh Valley on July 1 – Major Crash Shuts Down I-78, Causing Significant Delays in Lehigh County

On Monday, July 1, 2024, a multi-vehicle accident led to the closure of Interstate 78 East, causing substantial traffic delays near the Trexlertown exit in Upper Macungie, according to state police. The incident resulted in the shutdown of all lanes.

Details of the Lehigh Valley multi vehicle accident

The Lehigh Valley multi-vehicle crash occurred just before 8:30 a.m. between exit 29 in Pottsville at Route 61 North and exit 30 in Hamburg, as reported by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation’s traffic website. The closure has impacted traffic from exit 49A at Route 100 South in Trexlertown to exit 29 at Route 61 South in Reading. Pennsylvania State Police in Fogelsville have redirected westbound traffic on Route 100 and Route 863, stated Nathan Branosky, the public information officer for the Troop M barracks.

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Best Medical Malpactice Lawyers in Philadelphia 2024 Badge

Understanding Sarcoma: The Silent Threat – Five Facts About an Allentown Sarcoma Misdiagnosis for the Sarcoma Awareness Month

Sarcoma is very rare and has a poor prognosis. Sarcoma is of leading most commonly misdiagnosed cancers. Early and correct diagnosis and treatment are critical for clinical outcomes. Allentown sarcoma misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis can have devastating consequences for the patient. Learn about this silent deadly cancer and steps to take if you or our loved one suffered an Allentown sarcoma misdiagnosis. Our experienced and committed Allentown cancer misdiagnosis lawyer shares his knowledge about sarcoma and cancer misdiagnosis lawsuit’s importance and complexity. 

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Don’t Make These Mistakes If You Don’t Want to Kill Your Child: Philadelphia Child Drowning Accident, Ticks-Borne Disease and Child Death In Hot Car.

National Safety Month and Children’s Day Reminds Us of Shocking Everyday Mistakes That Could Threat Your Child’s Life and the Importance of Safety During Summertime


June is widely known for many awareness events, such as Pride Month, Autistic Pride Day, and National Cancer Survivors Day. However, let’s focus on two extremely important holidays: National Safety Month and Children’s Day. National Safety Day, celebrated annually on June 1, is dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of safety across various sectors and aspects of daily life. This observance aims to educate individuals and communities on preventing accidents, promoting health and safety standards, and creating a proactive risk management culture. Its mission is to reduce the incidence of accidents and injuries by highlighting the critical need for safety measures at home, in workplaces, and public spaces.

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Accident Last Friday in Allentown – Three Injured Individuals Taken to The Hospital After Two-Vehicles Crash

Crash in Allentown Sends Three to Hospital

A two-vehicle collision at the intersection of 26th SW Avenue and Emaus Avenue in Allentown, PA, on Friday afternoon resulted in three individuals being hospitalized. According to Allentown Police, the crash occurred on June 14, 2024. Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) were on the scene promptly and transported the injured parties to an Allentown hospital. While the conditions of the victims have not been disclosed, the Traffic Safety Unit had the road closed for several hours to conduct a thorough investigation. The community’s thoughts are with the injured and their families, hoping for their swift and full recovery.

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3 Men Killed in Car Accident in Pittsburgh Area Accident in Athens Township Over the Weekend

Three Pittsburgh Area Men Died in Athens Township Wrongful Death Car Accident Last Weekend

Triple fatal car accident in Pennsylvania last weekend: Three young men from Butler County lost their lives Saturday evening when their vehicle collided with a tree in Athens Township.

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Five of the Most Common Personal Injury Accidents of the Summer Season

Philadelphia Personal Injury Lawyer’s Legal Advice and Protection Tips. 

With summer and the holiday season fast approaching, it’s the perfect time to look forward to all the wonderful activities this season brings. Whether you’re planning to meet new people, make friends, party, swim, or sunbathe, summer offers endless opportunities for fun and relaxation. However, summer is the most dangerous season of the year. Risks of a wide range of personal injuries and accidents are significantly increased compared to the other seasons. According to various reports summertime is the most hazardous period for children, drivers, pedestrians, patients with cardiovascular diseases and elderly people. Learn how to avoid hazards and prevent various injuries and losses associated with Philadelphia personal accidents. Delve into the comprehensive list of trends and statistics for safety during summertime. Experienced Philadelphia personal injury lawyer Matthew Trapani reveals his warnings and advice on how to protect yourself and your family and seek justice if summertime accidents occur. Moreover, in this article, we’ll explore five common situations that pose risks of personal injury accidents in Allentown during the summer. Thanks to an increased awareness of risks inextricably linked with summer you can stay safe while enjoying all that this vibrant season has to offer.

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Deadlines and Expiration Dates for Filing Allentown Lawsuits

Are there any time limitations for pursuing legal actions after Philadelphia personal injury accidents, wrongful deaths and medical malpractice cases? 

Experienced Allentown lawyer answers all questions and presents examples of time limitations and discovery rules in various cases. 

Potential plaintiffs cannot pursue legal actions indefinitely after losing loved ones in Allentown wrongful death accidents, sustaining injuries in Allentown personal injury cases, or suffering from medical errors. It is extremely important to know your rights and the legal requirements to be aware of what steps you should take to seek justice and compensation from liable parties. Statutes of limitations impose strict deadlines for filing lawsuits, and missing these deadlines can result in losing your right to pursue legal action altogether. Our experienced and knowledgeable lawyer, Matthew Trapani, will explain all deadlines and expiration dates, emphasizing the importance of tracking them to ensure you do not miss your opportunity to seek justice. Understanding these legal timeframes is crucial for preserving your ability to hold the responsible parties accountable and obtain the compensation you deserve.

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Two Devastating Motorcycle Accidents in Lehigh Valley This Week.

Two severe motorcycle accidents occurred last weekend in Lehigh Valley, including one fatal crash. Track local Lehigh Valley News and protect yourself and your loved ones on the road. 

Last weekend, Pennsylvania and the Lehigh Valley witnessed two devastating motorcycle accidents that underscore the inherent risks associated with riding motorcycles. Both accidents, occurring at the beginning of June, serve as sobering reminders of the potential dangers faced by motorcyclists on the road. In this article, we delve into the details of these tragic incidents, highlighting the circumstances and consequences to raise awareness about motorcycle safety. By understanding these risks, we hope to encourage safer riding practices and vigilance among both motorcyclists and other road users. Read on to learn more about these heartbreaking events and how to stay safe on the roads. In addition to learning safety rules on the road, it is crucial to learn your rights after the accident.

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