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Call a Philadelphia Pennsylvania PFAS cancer attorney if you have been diagnosed with Kidney Cancer or Testicular Cancer due to PFAS or PFCS water contamination across Pennsylvania. A Pennsylvania PFAS water contamination cancer lawyer in Philadelphia can help after a cancer diagnosis. The term PFAS refers to toxic chemicals which are cancerogenic. Chemical pollution, also known as PFAS, has contaminated water, including drinking water, all over the country. It has affected water supplies for millions of people. Many people who have consumed polluted water sustained severe injuries or even died. What has caused the dangerous PFAS pollution? Sadly, careless companies and manufacturers are responsible for perfluorinated chemicals (PFCs) water pollution. Grave violations of corporate responsibility and devastating negligence cause harm to people and the environment. Reckless companies knew or should have known about the hazardous impact of PFAS substances. The long-term harmful effects of PFAS on people’s health and the environment have been known for decades. Companies that have contaminated the water supplies of over 100,000 residents within Montgomery County, Bucks County, Norristown PA, Pottstown PA, King of Prussia PA, Levittown PA and Philadelphia in Pennsylvania may be held liable for causing Kidney Cancer, Testicular Cancer and even wrongful deaths of innocent citizens in Pennsylvania.

Philadelphia PFAS ancer Attorney

PFAS, which stands for Per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances, are a class of synthetic hazardous chemicals extensively used in the United States since the 1940s. They can be detected in various consumer goods and our environment, including soil, air, and water. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has found strong evidence suggesting that PFAS can have detrimental effects on human health. These highly persistent chemicals do not readily break down, leading to their accumulation in the human body over time. This characteristic has earned them the label of “forever chemicals.” Exposure to PFAS occurs through sources such as contaminated drinking water or the use of consumer products containing PFAS. However, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), apart from drinking water, exposure to PFAS in our surroundings and consumer goods is generally limited nowadays. People exposed to those hazardous chemicals may be in serious danger of devastating consequences. Research revealed hundreds of thousands of people in Pennsylvania have been drinking polluted water. Innocent people, including children and pregnant women, have not been aware of health hazards and huge danger flowing from their faucets. They have been poisoned in their own houses! Call a Pennsylvania PFAS cancer lawyer for a free consultation. We can meet you in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh PA, Allentown PA, Bethlehem PA, or the Lehigh Valley PA.


Have you been exposed to PFAS pollution? 

Have you sustained injuries or suffered from diseases recently? 

You may be entitled to file Pennsylvania personal injury claims for cancer.

Suppose you have lost your loved one due to injuries and illness below. In that case, you may be entitled to sue careless companies for Pennsylvania wrongful death. 


Common injuries that may be caused by PFAS contamination in Pennsylvania include:


  • Testicular Cancer
  • Kidney Cancer
  • Thyroid Disease
  • Ulcerative Colitis


How do you know you and your family have been exposed to “forever chemicals” in Montgomery and Bucks counties in Pennsylvania? The possibility of exposure to polluted water is the highest for people who:


  • Have been informed by their water supplier about the presence of PFAS in the water source
  • Either currently reside or have resided in close proximity to military bases known to be contaminated with PFAS, such as the former Naval Air Bases in Warminster PA and Horsham PA.


Accumulation of PFAS  and PFCS in the body can occur through consumption (for example, drinking polluted water or eating vegetables from contaminated soil) or occupational exposure to this toxic chemical. The resulting adverse health effects can be severe and potentially life-threatening. Suppose you suspect that your health conditions and illnesses result from PFAS exposure. In that case, you may have grounds to pursue a personal injury claim in Pennsylvania. If you lost your loved one due to one of the diseases caused by PFAS, like kidney cancer, testicular cancer, thyroid disease or ulcerative colitis, you may be entitled to file Montgomery County or Bucks County wrongful death lawsuit. Pennsylvania personal injury and wrongful death lawyers in Trapani Law Firm will tirelessly work to seek justice for PFAS contamination victims. We gained experience and expertise by fighting companies’ and manufacturers’ negligence leading to devastating events. Unfortunately, corporate social responsibility is sometimes still at a low level. Despite being aware of the significant health risks associated with PFAS, companies have continued producing and using these substances for over six decades. Recently, lawsuits have been filed against companies that contaminated the groundwater supply in Pennsylvania by using dangerous products containing hazardous chemicals. The Pennsylvania-American Water Company of Mechanicsburg is suing several widely-known companies, often big international manufacturers.


If you have concerns that PFAS has contaminated your water, our Pennsylvania personal injury attorneys will help you to get compensation to cover damages resulting from your exposure. Contact Trapani Law Firm and make an appointment for a free consultation. We offer our dedication, experience, knowledge, and expertise to support your Pennsylvania personal injury lawsuit with strong and indisputable evidence of PFAS contamination. Our Pennsylvania PFAS poisoning attorneys work on the basis of a contingency fee. It means that we only get our payment if and when we are able to compensate our clients. Call a Pennsylvania PFAS cancer lawyer in Philadelphia today.

Last Updated on April 12, 2024