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Best Medical Malpractice Lawyers in PhiladelphiaA Philadelphia apartment fire attorney can help if you lost a loved one in a wrongful death fire in Philly Pennsylvania. Fire related deaths are complicated in nature since it is very difficult to determine who is at fault. A fire can be caused by a negligent landlord for mismanaging smoke alarms, fire extinguishers or fireproof doors. This is known as a premises liability lawsuit. Moreover, a fire can be caused due to the malfunction of a space heater, gas stove or propane tank. This is known as a Philadelphia products liability lawsuit. For these reasons, it is important to hire an experienced Philly fire accident attorney that knows the laws of the state of Pennsylvania, the Philadelphia city codes and the federal laws. Our wrongful death lawyers at the Trapani Law Firm have experience representing Philadelphia family members who have gone through severe personal injury, burn injury and even wrongful death, due to a Philadelphia house fire. Call us today for a free consultation in Philadelphia, PA.


Sadly, there are several recent examples of fire deaths in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. One horrific accident happened on January 5, 2022. It is already called the one of the nation’s deadliest residential fires in decades. Firefighters responded to flames around 6:40 a.m. at the row house at 869 N. 23rd Street in the city’s Fairmount neighborhood. Fire officials found flames coming from the second-floor windows. The wrongful death victims are thirteen people, twelve of them were the members of one family. The total number of victims includes seven children. At least two people were sent to hospitals, when firefighters searched the rowhome, where 26 people had been staying. Most of the people couldn’t get out and they jumped out of the windows. Those of them who suffered from the smoke inhalation and burns were transferred to the Thomas Jefferson University Hospital. The four smoke alarms in the building, which was public housing, do not appear to have been working. The blaze’s cause was not determined, but officials shaken by the death toll, the highest in a single fire in the city in at least a century, vowed to get to the bottom of it. We must make our city a safer place to ensure a Philadelphia wrongful death fire of this size never happens again. Our lawyers are here to protect our local Philly community.

In the last year, Philadelphia experienced around 1000 wildfires according to These numbers have steadily risen year after year as the United States face drier summers. With these deaths come substantial property damage and possibly deaths.

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) estimates that in the United States:

  • A fire department responds to a fire every 23 seconds
  • One home structure fire was reported every 89 seconds
  • One home fire-related injury occurs every 46 minutes
  • One home fire-related death occurs every three hours

Fire-related Deaths & Injuries – Injury Facts (

What is the leading cause of fire-related deaths?

Causes of Fires and Fire Deaths

Cooking is the leading cause of home fires in the U.S. It is also the leading cause of fire injuries. Cooking fires often result from unattended cooking and human error, rather than mechanical failure of stoves or ovens. Careless smoking is the leading cause of fire deaths. Other very common causes of fires are children left unattended and landlords’ negligence, product liability and health and safety rule violations at the workplace. These rules are maintained by OSHA: Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

Philadelphia Fire Related Injuries

Fire safety is too often overlooked by landlords and product manufacturers. When that happens, families and children pay the terrible price, in what should have been the safety of their own home. All too often people suffer unnecessary and permanent, life-altering burn and fire injuries, personal injury and even Philadelphia wrongful death. Our Philadelphia apartment fire lawyers offer free consultations and will meet you at any Philadelphia hospital.

All Philadelphia landlords are required by law to maintain safe property conditions. Product manufacturers, likewise, must ensure that consumer products are safe for their intended, as well as expected use. When parties whom we entrust with our safety fail to live up to their responsibility, a Philadelphia fire attorney at the Trapani Wrongful Death Law Firm will help seek the justice your family deserves. Common causes of fire liability include:

  • Defective products (like fire alarms, fire detectors) product liability
  • Lawsuits relating to faulty wiring
  • Failure to equip premises with working smoke alarm and CO2 detectors
  • Failure to equip premises with sprinklers and other fire suppression systems
  • Failure to ensure available, clear means for evacuation, including fire escapes
  • Failure to equip premises with fire doors and barriers to protect building occupants from the spread of fire

Fire related Injuries at the Workplace

Deadly fires in the work place are often the result of some form of negligence. Electrical malfunctions due to poor maintenance, defective products, OSHA violations, unattended campfires and heating equipment failure can all contribute to injuries and Philly wrongful death. In a perfect world, every person and business would comply with the strict fire codes that are in place to ensure fire safety. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Thus, you may find yourself coping with serious loss or Philadelphia burn injury. House fires, grass fires and gas leaks can lead to brain injuries, smoke inhalation damage and even wrongful death. If you lost someone you love due to a fire, a Philadelphia house fire lawyer at the Trapani Law Firm could help you file a wrongful death lawsuit settlement. The risk of fire in any workplace is real, but an open flame is not the only source of burn injuries at a job site. OSHA says workplace burn injuries are often caused by electrical currents causing electrocution in Philadelphia. The key element of a safe workplace for employees is the maintenance of fire safety protocols. Thermal, chemical, and electrical burns are common types of burns at the workplace.

According to some estimates, about one in every five major personal injury in the workplace is a burn injury. People tend to dismiss burn injuries as relatively minor. Nothing could be further from the truth:

  • Significant injuries over a large proportion of the skin are often fatal, because the body’s attempt to compensate for the damage causes changes in blood chemistry and metabolism.
  • Because burns damage the skin—the body’s first line of defense against bacteria—burns can lead to life-threatening infections.
  • Burns across exposed areas can leave behind unsightly scar tissue, such disfigurement is often associated with mental health problems for the injury victim

If a Philadelphia burn injury resulted in the wrongful death of a family member, spouse, child, parent etc, the personal representative of the deceased family member’s estate may file a wrongful death claim in Philadelphia County, PA. This is similar to a negligence lawsuit, but the settlement goes to the survivors or estate of the deceased to compensate for the losses suffered as a result of the death. Call our Philadelphia wrongful death lawyers anytime for a free consultation.

Philadelphia Fire Related Injuries

Most common burn injuries after being in a fire are due to mass trauma and disasters such as explosions and fires. This can cause a variety of serious injuries, including burns and personal injury. These can include thermal burns, which are caused by contact with flames, hot liquids, hot surfaces, and other sources of high heat as well as chemical burns and electrical burns.

The fire victims suffer from burns of first, second, third and fourth degree burns, CO2 inhalation, and lung failures after the smoke inhalation. Being exposed to smoke inhalation for a long time can cause hypoxia and brain injuries related to the lack of oxygen and even cerebral palsy or paralysis. The cause and severity of the fire accident and the amount of damage the burn created will also have a major impact on the amount of your Philadelphia fire lawsuit settlement. Burns may damage tissue all the way to the bone, creating intense, chronic pain, loss of limbs or limb mobility, numbness, secondary infections, and disfiguring scars. Long-term physical therapy and several expensive cosmetic surgeries and skin grafts may be required to restore some quality of life. The worse the Philly fire accident and the resulting damage, the more you may be able to recover, and emotional and psychological damages from disfigurement and scarring will be considered as well.

Treatments and Therapies after the Fire

A number of treatments may be given for smoke inhalation. Oxygen: Oxygen is the mainstay of treatment. It may be applied with a nose tube or mask or through a tube put down the throat. If there are signs of upper airway problems, for example hoarseness, the person may need to be intubated. In some cases of serious burns, it may be necessary to have surgery to remove the burnt area of skin and replace it with a skin graft taken from another part of your body. More severe and deeper burns can take months or even years to fully heal, and usually leave some visible scarring. Sometimes plastic surgeries are necessary to remove the worst scars.

How does the Fire Department work in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania?

There are 63 Fire stations in Philadelphia. There are almost three thousand employees hired in the Fire Department. There are Fire stations in all further neighborhoods and districts: Upper Far Northeast, Lower Far Northeast, Lower Northwest, Lower Southwest, University Southwest, West, West Park, Lower Northeast, River Wards, Lower North, North, Central, South, Lower South, Upper Northwest, Upper North, Central Northeast and North Delaware.

The Trapani Law Firm’s fire liability attorneys have investigated and pursued complex claims on behalf of victims of preventable fires in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. We are here to help you and your family recover from your pain and suffering, relative’s wrongful deaths, economic losses, emotional distress, and medical expenses. We will also help you deal with your own insurance company and medical providers, and explain what you can expect at every juncture of your case. Cases vary, but our mission remains the same: to obtain the most substantial recovery possible for our clients in order to help them heal are relieve their stress. Call a Philadelphia apartment fire attorney today for a free consultation in Philly PA.

Philadelphia Fire Injury Lawyer – Fire Accidents Resulting from Product Liability

Philadelphia fire accidents caused by product liability can have devastating consequences, impacting individuals and families in various ways. These accidents can occur due to faulty home appliances, defective car components, unsafe toys, or other products with inherent fire hazards. In the case of home appliances, such as malfunctioning stoves, ovens, or space heaters, electrical faults or design flaws can lead to fires. Similarly, defects in car components like wiring systems or fuel lines can result in vehicle fires. Even seemingly harmless products like children’s toys can pose serious fire risks if they contain flammable materials or faulty batteries.

The most common products which can cause Philadelphia apartment fire accidents – A list of 20 products that pose a serious risk of Philadelphia fire accidents and burns.

Philadelphia fire accidents can be caused by a variety of common products found in households, workplaces, and recreational settings. Among these are:

  1. Child vehicles and ride-on toys  (e.g., hoverboards, electric bikes, scooters)
  2. Home appliances (e.g., stoves, ovens, microwaves)
  3. Electrical devices (e.g., chargers, extension cords)
  4. Heating equipment (e.g., space heaters, furnaces, propane heater)
  5. Smoking materials (e.g., cigarettes, lighters, e-cigarette)
  6. Combustible liquids (e.g., gasoline, propane)
  7. Flammable chemicals (e.g., cleaning agents, solvents)
  8. Cooking oils and grease
  9. Faulty wiring or electrical systems
  10. Lithium-ion batteries (e.g., in smartphones, laptops)
  11. Combustible materials (e.g., textiles, paper products)
  12. Fireworks and pyrotechnics
  13. Outdoor grills and barbecue equipment
  14. Candles and incense
  15. Toys (e.g.,battery-operated toys, remote-controlled vehicles or drones, electronic games or gadgets) 
  16. Vehicles and vehicle components (e.g., fuel tanks, engines)
  17. Overloaded power outlets or electrical circuits
  18. Portable space heaters
  19. Childcare products (e.g., baby bottles, pacifiers, inclined sleepers)
  20. Flammable clothing or fabrics (found on couches and mattresses)

In addition to the products listed above, numerous others can pose risks of combustion and burns when they malfunction, are faulty, defective, or mislabeled, or when they are used improperly. It’s essential to recognize the potential fire hazards associated with these products and to hold manufacturers and distributors accountable for any injuries or fire accidents resulting from their negligence or failures in ensuring product safety and compliance with regulations.

Have you or your loved ones suffered from philadelphia fire accidents, burns or other fire related injuries caused by product liability, mislabeling, or malfunctioning devices? Have you wondered if you are entitled to sue the manufacturer or distributor due to the Philadelphia fire product liability accident? Let’s find out who can file a Philadelphia fire product liability claim!

Who is entitled to file a Philadelphia Fire Personal Injury Lawsuit?

In Philadelphia, individuals are entitled to file a fire personal injury lawsuit after an accident caused by a faulty product if they can demonstrate that the manufacturer or distributor of the product was negligent or breached their duty of care. This can include cases where the product was defectively designed, manufactured, or labeled, leading to the fire accident. Moreover, if the manufacturer or distributor failed to adequately warn consumers about potential fire hazards associated with the product, they may also be held liable for any resulting injuries or damages.

Who may be held liable in Philadelphia Fire Personal Injury Lawsuit?

Manufacturers or distributors may be held liable for fire accidents caused by faulty products and failure to warn customers about fire hazards resulting from product characteristics when it can be shown that they knew or should have known about the risks associated with the product. This includes situations where the product was designed or manufactured in a way that made it unreasonably dangerous, or where adequate warnings or instructions were not provided to consumers. Additionally, if the product did not meet industry safety standards or regulations, this can further support a claim of liability against the manufacturer or distributor.

Overall, in cases of fire accidents caused by product liability, you should seek legal guidance from experienced attorneys who specialize in personal injury law. The Trapani Law Firm apartment fire injury attorneys can assess the circumstances of the accident, determine liability, and advocate for the rights of the injured customer. By holding negligent manufacturers or distributors accountable for their actions, you can seek compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, Philadelphia wrongful death and other damages resulting from the fire accident.

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