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Call a Philadelphia Hoverboard lawyer if your Hoverboard malfunctions and causes a fire, personal injury or wrongful death in Pennsylvania. Lehigh Valley vehicle and pedestrian accidents are common causes of personal injury lawsuits. People injured due to a hoverboard’s malfunction may be entitled to sue the vehicle’s manufacturer for a Philadelphia product liability lawsuit. Pennsylvania law protects vehicle owners from injuries from product liability defects. Every vehicle manufacturer warrants to their consumers that their products are safe to drive. However, not every vehicle, including hoverboards sold, is safe to use. If some hoverboard designer made a poor choice or made a mistake during the manufacturing process, users could be operating vehicles with deadly defects. Call a Pennsylvania Hoverboard attorney in Philadelphia for a free consultation.


Recently, a hoverboard defect caused the wrongful death of two young girls in Lehigh Valley PA. A 10-year-old girl and her 15-year-old sister died in a fire in Hellertown, Pennsylvania. The Hellertown Borough Fire Marshal said a 42-volt hoverboard originated the fatal apartment fire. The fire then spread from the room where it started to other parts of the house. This devastating fire accident resulted in the Pennsylvania wrongful deaths of the two minor sisters and severe injuries to the girl’s parents due to smoke inhalation.


There have been multiple similar cases of the recalled scooters/hoverboards burning, sparking, or melting. Several of those accidents involved smoke and flames. Hoverboard combustions may be especially dangerous for kids. Call an Allentown hoverboard lawyer if you have been injured as the result of a hoverboard defect.


There are several possibilities to hold the manufacturer liable for personal injuries caused by a faulty product. In case of mild to severe injuries, such as burns, fractures, bleeding, and infections, victims may be entitled to compensation that covers their medical bills and recovery. In case of Philadelphia wrongful death due to faulty product combustion or other deadly defects, the deceased person’s estate representative may be compensated in Philadelphia’s wrongful death lawsuit. A Pittsburgh hoverboard lawyer can help you and your family recover after a fatal accident.


If you or your loved one have been injured due to hoverboard product liability, contact an experienced Philadelphia product liability lawyer. We seek justice for victims of faulty products, accidents involving vehicle defects, and many other personal injuries. Our Lehigh Valley personal injury lawyers will help you to file a product liability case and get compensation to recover your damages. In case of your loved one’s death caused by a faulty hoverboard, we will help you to file Philadelphia wrongful death claim. Contact us to discuss the details of your case for a free consultation.

Last Updated on July 24, 2023