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An experienced Pennsylvania Pradaxa lawsuit lawyer is here to help injured patients. Pradaxa is an anti-clotting drug used to reduce the risk of stroke from blood clots in individuals with atrial fibrillation. Pradaxa is considered a blood thinner or anticoagulant. Atrial fibrillation, or a-fib, occurs when the electric signals that cause the heart to pump blood or contract become irregular. The atria are the two upper chambers of the heart. When the heart pumps blood irregularly, it can cause blood to pool in the atria. The pooled blood can clot, which can block arteries and veins causing heart attack or stroke. Call a PA Pradaxa injury lawyer anytime for a free consultation.

Individuals who take Pradaxa (dabigatran etexilate mesylate) should be aware that heart attacks, uncontrolled bleeding, gastrointestinal ulcer and other personal injury have resulted from Pradaxa consumption. If you took Pradaxa and suffered excessive bleeding, heart attack or acute coronary syndrome, contact an experienced Pradaxa attorney at the Trapani Law Firm. Our Pradaxa injury lawyers offer free consultations anytime. 

Pradaxa Increased Risk of Bleeding

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Pradaxa in October 2010. Pradaxa is manufactured by Boehringer Ingelheim in capsule form of 150 mg and 75 mg dosages. The anticoagulant is commonly prescribed to prevent strokes, DVT, pulmonary embolism, and other blood clot-related issues. According to the FDA approximately 1.1 million Pradaxa prescriptions were dispensed through 2011. By December of 2011, the FDA began reviewing reports of serious excessive bleeding in Pradaxa users when compared to the anticoagulant warfarin. 

In December 2012, the FDA issued a drug safety warning that said Pradaxa should not be used to prevent stroke or blood clots in individuals with mechanical heart valves. Pradaxa users are more likely to experience heart attack, stroke and form blood clots on the mechanical heart valves when compared to users of warfarin according to the FDA. May patients did not receive proper warning from their doctors and could be the victims of Pradaxa medical malpractice. 

Individuals are encouraged to stop taking Pradaxa if the experience any of the following side effects: Bleeding that continues for an irregularly long time, bleeding from the nose, mouth vagina or rectum, cough or vomiting blood, blood in urine, east bruising, feeling of weakness, etc. If your doctor or physician did not give you this warning they may have committed Pradaxa medical negligence. 

Pradaxa Wrongful Death

Our Pradaxa wrongful death lawyers are investigating Pradaxa lawsuits where internal bleeding, gastrointestinal bleeding or hemorrhaging has lead to wrongful death. Our Pradaxa wrongful death attorneys will bring a wrongful death Pradaxa lawsuit against Boehringer Ingelheim if your loved one’s wrongful death was connected to their use of Pradaxa. Moreover, any doctor who improperly prescribes the drug Pradaxa could be liable in a medical malpractice Pradaxa lawsuit for any personal injury or wrongful death caused by their prescription medical negligence. 

Pradaxa Lawsuit Update

The defective drug manufacturers of Pradaxa have agreed to pay $650 million to settle the 4,000 Pradaxa lawsuits currently pending. These Pradaxa lawsuits claim that Boehringer Ingelheim failed to adequately warn individuals that Pradaxa causes potentially fatal bleeding, which can not be easily reversed. This is just the beginning for Pradaxa litigation. Physicians and doctors continue to commit medical negligence by failing to warn their patients of the Pradaxa side effects and excessive risks. Filing a Pennsylvania Pradaxa injury lawsuit may enable you to receive a settlement for lost wages, medical bills, hospital expenses and wrongful death loss of future earnings. Additional Pradaxa wrongful death compensation includes suffering, mental anguish, loss of companionship, love and guidance and nurturing the deceased would have provided you and your family.

If you or a loved one has suffered personal injury, heart attack, stroke, excessive bleeding or even wrongful death as a result of Pradaxa it is important you speak with an experienced Pradaxa blood thinner lawyer. Our Pradaxa attorneys are currently reviewing personal injury cases on behalf of patients who suffered serious side effects while taking this anticoagulant defective drug. It is our defective drug law firm’s opinion that when a drug manufacturer places a drug on the market, it should safe for prescription and proper warnings should be supplied to the patient. 

Our Pradaxa attorneys work on a contingency fee, meaning we don’t get paid unless we secure financial compensation or lawsuit settlement for our injured clients. Additionally, all Pradaxa injury consultations are completely free of charge, so please give us a call today to discuss a possible Pradaxa lawsuit. The best Pradaxa lawsuit attorneys will have a track record of settlement success and high moral standards in their local Pennsylvania community. We’re here to help get you and your family the justice and compensation they deserve. Our Pennsylvania personal injury attorneys are here to fight for you and your family.

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Our Pradaxa lawsuit attorneys are happy to meet you in your home or local Pennsylvania hospital, if that is more convenient. If you are located in any of the following cities our lawyers can meet you at a moments notice: Allentown PA, Altoona PA, Bethlehem PA, Easton PA, Erie PA, Harrisburg PA, Hershey PA, Lancaster PA, Lehigh Valley PA, Philadelphia Pa, Pittsburgh PA, Pocono PA, Reading PA, Scranton PA, State College PA, Stroudsburg PA, Wilkes-Barre PA, York PA and Phillipsburg NJ. Call us anytime for a free Pradaxa settlement consultation.Call the Pennsylvania personal injury attorneys at the Trapani Law Firm today to set up your free consultation: (610) 351 – 2330 or contact us. Our consultations are completely free of charge and our Pradaxa personal injury lawyers are happy to meet you or a loved one at your home or hospital room. We’re here to help you and your family get back on their feet after surfing from Pradaxa medical malpractice.

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