Philadelphia Wrongful Death Lawyer

5 Most Common Types of a Pennsylvania Wrongful Death Lawsuits

What are some of the real-life examples of wrongful death lawsuits in Pennsylvania?

Deaths are extremely hard for families involved, but they can be even more difficult when caused by someone’s carelessness or negligence. Philadelphia wrongful death occurs when an individual’s death is directly caused by the wrongful act or negligence of either a person or business. When you have proof and/or victims you are entitled to pursue compensation from such a loss. Proving wrongful death comes down to establishing negligence. To do this, you must prove that someone such as a doctor, driver, caregiver, or property owner had an obligation to exercise reasonable caution to prevent harm to your loved one and failed to do so. You must also prove that their failure to keep your loved one safe resulted in their death, which left you with significant damages. If your case meets these criteria, you might qualify for financial recovery in a wrongful death case.

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