Wilkes-Barre Cerebral Palsy Lawyer

Wilkes-Barre Cerebral Palsy Lawyer

Best Medical Malpractice Lawyers in PhiladelphiaAn experienced cerebral palsy lawyer in Wilkes-Barre PA can help after a Luzerne County birth injury diagnosis. Cerebral palsy (CP) is a group of nerve and brain injury disorders that affects a child’s motor disability in early infancy and childhood. Often suffering from Wilkes Barre medical malpractice, an infant will suffer from birth injury conditions including: seizures, scoliosis, vision, speech and hearing problems and need a lifetime of medical care and treatment. Your loved one may suffer permanent cerebral palsy injury causing developmental delays, psychological suffering, a lifetime of CP surgery, therapies, medication, adaptive modifications and equipment, vision loss and pain and suffering. Spastic cerebral palsy newborns suffer stiff muscle tone due to a Wilkes-Barre birth injury. Different types of spastic palsy include: spastic quadriplegia quadriparesis, spastic hemiplegia hemiparesis and spastic diplegia/diparesis. Spastic cerebral palsy causes your loved one to experience excess tone, stiffness, and muscle spasms making movement difficult. A doctor’s failure to deliver adequate care and treatment during labor and delivery can cause a cerebral palsy birth injury to your infant. The different types of cerebral palsy include: Facial Nerve Palsy, Brachial Nerve Palsy, Erb’s Palsy, ataxic Palsy and Athetoid Cerebral Palsy. Your baby may suffer a brain injury during the labor and delivery process with the negligent use of forceps, failure to diagnose a prolapsed umbilical cord entrapment, delaying a C-section, improper use of labor medication and negligent care after the birth of your newborn child. Call the Trapani Law Firm to speak with an experienced Wilkes-Barre cerebral palsy lawyer for a free birth injury consultation in Luzerne County PA.

A knowledgeable Wilkes-Barre birth injury attorney will help you and your loved one recover compensation providing you with a free consultation at any of the Wilkes Barre, Luzerne County, Pennsylvania hospital, birthing center or pediatric facility. Labor and delivery facilities include: The Family Birth and Newborn Center at Lehigh Valley Hospital, 700 E. Broad Street, Hazleton, Luzerne County PA, Geisinger Wyoming Valley Medical Center, 1000 E Mountain Drive, Wilkes-Barre, PA 18711 and Commonwealth Health Wilkes-Barre General Hospital located at 575 N. River Street, Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania and Geisinger Janet Weis Children’s Hospital located at 100 N Academy Avenue, Danville, PA, and the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) at 3401 Civic Center Blvd, Philadelphia PA 19104.After an extensive review of your infant’s labor and delivery medical records, our birth injury law firm will file a Wilkes-Barre medical malpractice lawsuit settlement on behalf of you and your baby in the U.S. Middle District of Pennsylvania, Max Rosenn U.S. Courthouse, 197 South Main Street, Wilkes-Barre, PA 18701 or the Luzerne County Court of Common Pleas, 200 N. River Street, Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. If your infant has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy in Wilkes-Barre PA, call the Trapani Law Firm for a free consultation.

Facial Nerve Palsy Attorney

Wilkes Barre Facial Nerve Palsy can be a result of birth trauma during the labor and delivery of your baby. Causes of infant facial palsy paralysis happen during a traumatic birth injury delivery, which can be caused by extended labor of improper use of epidural medication or pressure on your infant’s face. Cranial nerve injury or facial palsy often results from obstetrician, nurse, anesthesia and hospital medical staff’s failure to monitor, failure to treat and negligent medical error. Facial cerebral palsy signs and symptoms suffered by your infant may include drooping of the mouth, difficulty feeding, loss of facial control, reduced tear production, the inability to smile and speech impediments. Facial nerve palsy is diagnosed as your child undergoes nerve conduction testing, MRI and CT imaging of the head. Wilkes-Barre facial nerve palsy can lead to a lifelong disfigurement for your child. Your loved one may be required to undergo medical surgeries to regain strength in the facial nerve muscle including facial palsy nerve reconstructive surgery, free flap reconstruction or cross face nerve grafting, gold weight insertion, taping of the affected eye, physical therapy, speech therapy, medications and a lifetime of disfigurement and pain, suffering and loss of enjoyment of life. Call a Wilkes Barre cerebral palsy attorney for a free consultation.

Brachial Plexus Palsy Lawyers

Brain damage to a newborn can cause brachial plexus injury palsy in Wilkes Barre PA. Birth injury medical malpractice suffered by your infant may be the result of an untrained/undertrained or negligent medical provider, doctor, nurse or anesthesiologist. Your OB/GYN’s failure to monitor for signs of fetal distress or difficult births may cause severe brachial plexus injury palsy to your newborn child. Brain injury brachial plexus palsy is one of the most common birth injuries suffered by a loved one. This devastating Wilkes Barre birth injury occurs when your newborn’s head or arm is forcefully pulled, stretched or twisted during delivery causing permanent damage to infant’s network of nerves that sends signals from to spinal cord to the child’s shoulder, arm and hand. Common birth injury symptoms suffered by your baby includes brachial plexus palsy paralysis, atrophy, severe pain, numbness, inability to use certain muscles in your loved one’s arm, shoulder and hand due to weakness and permanent disability. In order to diagnose a Wilkes Barre birth injury brachial plexus palsy of an infant, testing will be necessary in order to diagnose the extent and severity of the CP injury. Your child will undergo x-rays, EMG, nerve conduction studies and MRI or computerized tomography (CT) myelography. Your newborn will need the medical care provided by a team of physicians including brain injury neurosurgeons, orthopedic surgeons, specialists in physical therapy and microvascular surgeons. Your baby will possibly have to undergo surgery within six months of birth, orthopedic surgery or microvascular surgery. Your infant may endure a lifetime of physical therapy, medications, pain and suffering due to negligent birth injury brachial palsy.

Erb’s Palsy Attorney Wilkes Barre PA

Call an experienced CP birth injury lawyer in Wilkes Barre PA if your child has been diagnosed with Erb’s Palsy in Luzerne County Pennsylvania. During the labor and delivery process your loved one may have suffered from medical malpractice causing a birth injury Erb’s Palsy. Erb’s palsy affects nerves in your newborn’s neck and shoulder causing brain injury and shoulder dystocia muscle control in the arms, fingers and hands. A newborn child may show loss of function ranging from limited to complete paralysis of shoulder, neck, arm, hands and fingers. Call an experienced Wilkes-Barre medical malpractice attorney today for a free birth injury consultation in Luzerne County PA.

Ataxic Cerebral Palsy Lawyer

Ataxic Cerebral Palsy is caused by serious brain injury and permanent damage to the cerebellum in the brain. Sadly, there is no cure for Ataxic CP. A newborn suffering from Ataxic Cerebral Palsy will present with characteristics of difficulty controlling involuntary movements. Your baby will suffer poor balance, poor coordination and depth perception. Ataxic CP is caused by asphyxia (lack of oxygen) during or just after birth, abnormal fetal heart rate, fetal stroke and undiagnosed maternal infection. Your child’s Ataxic CP personal injury can cause permanent physical injury of your child’s hand and arm movements hindering writing and daily living skills. Ataxic cerebral palsy is caused by severe and permanent damage to the balance center of the brain called the cerebellum. This is often a result of Wilkes Barre medical malpractice. The cerebellum controls balance and motor function and fine-tuning coordination. There is no cure for ataxic cerebral palsy. Ataxic CP can affect all limbs, eyes and speech. Early intervention Ataxic cerebral palsy should begin as soon as a diagnosis is made in order to prevent the risk of further delay in emotional and physical growth. Regular pediatrician evaluations, anti-convulsant medications including Primidone is often the permanent daily regiment treatment for your child suffering from Ataxic Cerebral Palsy. Your loved one may require life-long physical and rehabilitation therapy, special education, home modifications and long term home medical care.

Athetoid Palsy Law Firm

Athetoid cerebral palsy also called dyskinetic cerebral palsy is usually caused by damage to the brain called the nasal ganglia, or the middle brain. An infant diagnosed with athetoid cerebral palsy or ADCP caused by a negligent obstetrician, nurse or other medical staff will experience uncontrolled muscle movement in the trunk and inability to hold posture of the newborn’s body, facial grimacing and drooling. There is no cure for non-spastic athetoid dyskinetic cerebral palsy. Additional permanent injury includes small motor skills, educational delay, eating and difficulty with speech. The negligent birthing process causing athetoid palsy includes emergency c-sections delay, causing your baby to suffer traumatic brain damage (TBI), failing to provide adequate care during labor, delayed recognizing of fetal distress causing lack of oxygen or fetal stroke and maternal infection not identified during pregnancy, head trauma due to negligent use of forceps and vacuum tools, and medical professionals failing to follow proper medical labor and delivery hospital and OB/GYN protocol. Your infant may also suffer from medical malpractice athetoid palsy due to untreated, high bilirubin encephalopathy (kernicterus) or hypoxic-ischemic brain injury. Clinical diagnose of ADCP occurs within 18 months of birth and is based on neuroimaging techniques and clinical diagnosis. A child suffering from non-curable athetoid palsy (ADCP) will have to undergo a lifetime of intrathecal baclofen and tetrabenazine drug therapy, occupational, physical and speed therapy. Deep brain stimulation is a brain injury technique to modify brain activity is used to treat your newborn’s brain damage.

An experienced cerebral palsy lawyer in Wiles-Barre PA works on a contingency fee, meaning we do not get paid unless we acquire financial compensation or Wilkes Barre medical malpractice lawsuit settlement for our injured infants and their parents. Moreover, all Luzerne County consultations are free of charge, so please give us a call today to discuss a possible Wilkes-Barre birth injury case. The top Wilkes Barre Cerebral Palsy lawyers will have a track record of Luzerne County medical malpractice lawsuit victories and extraordinary moral character in their local Pennsylvania community. Our Wilkes-Barre birth injury attorneys are here to help get you and your family the treatment and care you deserve after a Cerebral Palsy birth injury in Luzerne County PA.

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