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Call a Scranton wrongful death attorney in Lackawanna County for a free consultation after a fatal accident in Scranton PA. Losing someone you love suddenly in a Scranton fatal accident is never easy. While you can accept coincidental accidents or diseases, your grief and anger may be bigger when another party’s wrongful action killed your loved one. It is hard to live with awareness that someone’s negligence or recklessness killed your spouse, parent or child. Wrongful death accident victims are not around anymore to fight for justice. We owe them to hold the responsible party liable and seek justice. Pennsylvania law allows the deceased’s family to file a Scranton wrongful death lawsuit and seek compensation. Call a wrongful death attorney in Scranton PA for a free consultation.

An experienced Scranton wrongful death lawyer can you meet you at any of the following Scranton neighborhoods: Minooka, East Mountain, North Scranton, South Side, Dunmore PA, West Scranton, Dickson City PA, Old Forge PA, Moosic PA, Wilkes-Barre PA, Lackawanna County PA, Clarks Summit PA, and Luzerne County Pennsylvania. Our Scranton wrongful death lawyers in Scranton PA handle medical malpractice wrongful death, fatal car accidents, stroke malpractice death cases, tractor trailer accident, Scranton birth injury and Scranton apartment fire death lawsuits. Our wrongful death attorneys only get paid after winning your Scranton wrongful death lawsuit. Call a Scranton wrongful death attorney in Wilkes-Barre PA or Scranton PA for a free consultation in Lackawanna County or Luzerne County Pennsylvania.


What does the Scranton wrongful death claim cover?


Plaintiffs may sue the responsible party for their damages including: funeral costs, medical bills, loss of wages, parental care loss, mental support loss, emotional distress among others. An experienced Scranton wrongful death lawyer knows exactly what kind of evidence to support the case. It is crucial to prove 4 important conditions.


  1. Duty of care has existed before and during the action leading to wrongful death. For example: drivers have a duty to other road participants. They have to pay attention to the road, drive under good conditions, avoid driving under the influence or driving a faulty vehicle. Healthcare professionals have a duty to their patients. They owe it to them to save their lives no matter the circumstances, pay attention to their symptoms and inform them about their current condition.
  2. Duty of care has been breached. Breaching the duty of care, negligence or failure to follow rules and regulations may be a basis of a Scranton wrongful death case.
  3. Breached duty of care has led to the death or to the accident or injury resulting in the victim’s death. Plaintiffs have to prove that the defendant breached the duty of care and it caused the victim’s death directly or accidentally. For example, the driver was speeding which caused an accident, the victim was severely injured during the accident which caused the death.
  4. Deceased person’s family has to prove that their loved one’s premature death caused measurable losses. For example plaintiffs have to bring pieces of evidence like medical bills, medical reports.


Is there any time limit to file a Scranton wrongful death claim? The Pennsylvania statute of limitations is 2 years. In the state of Pennsylvania, plaintiffs have two years from the date of the death to file a wrongful death claim.


How much is average Scranton wrongful death compensation?


The amount of Scranton wrongful death compensation varies from case to case depending on the circumstances of the case. The amount of money depends on economical and non-economic damages that the victim’s family can recover.


Who can file a Scranton wrongful death claim? Who is entitled to get a Scranton wrongful death compensation?


The deceased person’s estate representatives may file a Scranton wrongful death claim in Lackawanna County PA. What does this mean? Usually, a spouse or children file a wrongful death lawsuit settlement after their parent’s or spouse’s wrongful death accident. When the victim is minor then their parents become the plaintiffs. Family members may file a wrongful death claim against the liable party or they could hire a Scranton wrongful death lawyer. It is a very wise move to hire a Pennsylvania wrongful death attorney.


Who receives the highest compensations in wrongful death cases?


People who hire a Scranton wrongful death attorney usually get much higher compensation than people who file claims by themselves. Even after paying lawyer fees, they still have more money and all consultations are free of charge.


How much do I have to pay for Scranton wrongful death lawyer’s service?


Our Scranton wrongful death lawyers work on a contingency fee. We only get paid when and if we are able to compensate our clients’ damages through a lawsuit settlement or jury trial verdict for the Plaintiff’s Estate.


The most common causes of Scranton wrongful death cases.


Motor vehicle accidents are indisputably the leading cause of wrongful deaths across the USA. The next leading cause of Scranton wrongful death accidents are Scranton medical malpractice wrongful death and Scranton workplace death accidents.


Scranton wrongful death motor vehicle accidents


Driving is one of the most dangerous things people do everyday. In fact, flying is much safer than driving. You are much less likely to be involved in a plane crash than a car crash, and the vast majority of plane crashes don’t involve any fatalities. Because of the inherent danger of driving, it is important to always be safe, buckle up, to never drink alcohol or take drugs and drive under influence, and to not text and drive. In 2021 alone, 3,142 people were killed in motor vehicle crashes involving distracted drivers, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation. Despite the overwhelming amount of information about careless or unsafe driving, accidents still happen. When a driver’s action or behavior leads to another person’s death, the deceased’s loved ones may be entitled to compensation for that wrongful death. Wrongful death in a car accident can occur for a variety of reasons, such as negligence or recklessness by another driver, product liability (car components, seat belts, air bags, gas tank), or even pedestrian’s action. Motor vehicle crashes are inextricably linked with fatalities. Our Scranton wrongful death attorneys will make themselves available to meet you at any location at Scranton and Lehigh Valley. We are here to provide you with peace of mind. We understand grief, anger and mourning after the sudden death of your loved one.


What vehicles cause the greatest number of fatal accidents in Scranton? Which vehicle has killed the most victims? Devastating consequences of motor-vehicle accidents.


According to many road fatality reports, semi-trucks cause the most road fatalities. Even though tractor trailer trucks are nor involved in most accidents. The passenger cars are responsible for over a half of accidents. Semi-trucks, tractor-trailers and commercial trucks are the cause of roughly 2.5-3.5% of all the accidents that occur on the roads each year. There are approximately 388,000 truck accidents in the United States every year. An estimated 28% (which equates to just under 110,000) result in injuries. Another 11% (which amounts to just over 40,000) are fatal. Why Are semi-truck accidents so deadly?


Semi-truck crashes often have a high fatality rate. In 2020, the U.S. Department of Transportation found that the most of these fatalities were occupants of smaller vehicles such as passenger cars. If death does not occur as a result of a commercial truck, tractor-trailer or semi-truck accident, then devastating injuries, head injuries, spine injuries, spinal cord injuries leading to disabilities are likely the result.


Commercial trucks are especially dangerous because of how these commercial vehicles operate, including:


Weight and size

Overloaded semi-trucks, cargo


Drowsy driving, drivers’ fatigue

Drivers’ failures and mistakes – driving distracted, not paying attention to the road, driving under poor weather conditions, driving under the influence, product liability, faulty vehicles, vehicle components and equipment errors. Call a Scranton truck accident wrongful death lawyer anytime.


Fatal motor vehicle crashes may occur everywhere and at any time, no matter the driver’s experience and skills. However, there are some situations that are more hazardous than other ones. What are the most dangerous and deadly types of accidents?


Head-on collision

T-bone accident

Off-road accident

Vehicle rollover

Rear-end collision

Rollover accidents


If your loved one died in a Scranton road accident, contact our Law Firm to discuss the details of your case. Our Scranton wrongful death car accident lawyers will make themselves available to meet you at any location in Scranton, Wilkes Barre PA, Lehigh Valley and across Pennsylvania.


Scranton medical malpractice wrongful death


Healthcare professionals are people who we trust with our lives. They should be dedicated and put their tireless efforts to save lives, they vow to give every patient emergency medical attention and the best quality of treatment. Modern hospitals are equipped with high quality diagnostic gear and various treatment methods. Sadly, still medical errors are the leading causes of wrongful deaths in Scranton. Undergoing medical procedures are always linked with the possibility of injury or death. However, a great number of hospital fatalities could have been prevented. Call a Scranton medical malpractice wrongful death attorney for a free consultation.


The most common causes of Scranton medical malpractice wrongful death


Scranton wrongful death may occur at any stage of healthcare providing, from the emergency room to the post operative care and prescribed medicines.


The most common deadly injuries that could have been avoided include:


Scranton cancer misdiagnosis

Scranton stroke misdiagnosis

Scranton surgical errors

Scranton chemo overdoses

Scranton hospital infections

Scranton sepsis infection

Scranton medicine dosage errors

Scranton unnecessarily harmful treatment

Scranton heart attack misdiagnosis

Scranton delayed diagnosis and condition worsening

Scranton birth injury


Most of those wrongful death medical errors could have been prevented and avoided by paying more attention to the patients’ condition and symptoms. Most misdiagnosis occurs due to lack of running tests or delayed diagnosis process. Many very severe conditions including various types of cancers or strokes are manageable, reversible or curable. The most essential condition to meet during treating the patient is time. Diagnosis and treatment administered in a timely manner may be effective while the same procedures underdone too late, when conditions are too advanced may be ineffective and lead to death.


Neglecting to run lab tests, misreading tests results, neglecting to give the patient emergency medical attention, neglecting to provide proper post operative care, wrong treatment administration, delayed treatment administration, surgical error, tumor resection error, missing symptoms of deadly condition which resulted in the patient’s death may be a basis to file a Scranton wrongful death claim. Our Scranton Lehigh Valley wrongful death attorneys are experienced with medical malpractice cases. We offer our expertise, knowledge, tireless effort, personal and individual approach to every single claim. We seek justice for those who are no longer able to speak for themselves. We fight for widows, widowers, orphans and everyone who lost their loved one due to doctor’s negligence. Healthcare providers such as doctors, nurses, and pharmacists are responsible for helping their patients stay healthy. However, medical errors are consistently listed in the top causes of death in the United States. Our Scranton wrongful death medical malpractice attorneys can file a lawsuit for you. Common losses for deceased persons’ family members include: medical bills, funeral costs, loss of wages, emotional distress, loss of parental care, loss of support. Trapani Law Firm medical errors wrongful death attorneys know how to prove hospital’s responsibility for a patient’s death. We can meet you at the hospital in Scranton, Lehigh Valley, Wilkes Barre and nearby cities, including the following Pennsylvania Hospitals:


Commonwealth Health Regional Hospital of Scranton, 746 Jefferson Ave, Scranton, PA 18510, Geisinger Community Medical Center, 1800 Mulberry St, Scranton, PA 18510, Mercy Hospital of Scranton, 614E E Gibson St, Scranton, PA 18510, Jefferson Torresdale Hospital 10800 Knights Rd 19114, Philadelphia, Mercy Catholic Medical Center – Mercy Philadelphia 501 S 54 St 19143, Jeanes Campus – Temple University Hospital 7600 Central Ave 19111, Philadelphia, Hahnemann University Hospital 230 N Broad St 19102, Philadelphia, Temple University Episcopal Campus 100 E Lehigh Ave 19125 in Philadelphia, Jefferson Frankford Hospital 4900 Frankford Ave 19124 Philadelphia, Lehigh Valley Hospital-Cedar Crest located in Allentown, Reading Hospital located in West Reading, Berks County, Pennsylvania, Milton S. Hershey Medical Center, located in Hershey near Harrisburg, UPMC Presbyterian Hospital located in the Oakland neighborhood of Pittsburgh.


Scranton fatal workplace accidents wrongful death


Nearly 5,200 people died from injuries they suffered on the job in 2021. Most deadly injuries are caused by wrong workplace conditions, poor safety equipment, lack of knowledge and awareness of hazards and employers’ negligence. Employers’ duties include providing safety rules and safety training and making sure that all employees understand the consequences of breaking any of those rules. Employers should make sure that all the gear and equipment is safe to use and their workers have necessary personal protective equipment and valid health certificates and required licenses. Neglecting to do necessary repair or canceling hazardous and faulty equipment is considered as life-threatening failure. In the worst case scenario, lack of proper training or equipment, faulty products or hazardous conditions could lead to the workers’ death. Workplace injuries have been on the decline over the decades as industries adopt new safety precautions and provide more training. But some professions remain far more dangerous than others. Some occupations are inextricably linked with the possibility of severe injuries or even death.


The most dangerous jobs include:


Logging Workers

Aircraft Pilots and Flight Engineers


Iron and Steel Workers

Truck Drivers

Farmers and Agricultural Workers

Fishing Workers

Garbage/Waste Collectors


If your loved one died in a Scranton workplace accident, you may be entitled to file a wrongful death lawsuit against the supervisor, contractor, faulty equipment or gear manufacturer or employer. Scranton workplace fatal accident wrongful death compensation may cover: loss of wages, funeral costs, medical bills, loss of support, emotional and mental disorders that the family suffers after premature and sudden loss of loved one. Our Scranton wrongful death lawyers know how to prove the employer’s liability and negligence leading to the victim’s death. We will stand by you to seek compensation for the deceased person you lost.


Get to know our Scranton wrongful death attorneys


No matter the cause of wrongful death, it is always a good idea to make an appointment for free consultation. We offer our services 24/7 online, via Zoom, Messenger, phone, WhatsApp among others.


Our Pennsylvania wrongful death lawyers are here to help. If you are not sure if the case fulfills the requirements of a wrongful death claim? Contact us to discuss the certain case and the details of the accident. We offer our knowledge and expertise to determine if your loved one’s death was wrongful and if you are entitled to get the Scranton wrongful death compensation. We are happy to meet you in Allentown, Philadelphia or Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Our experience helps us to bring indisputable pieces of evidence to support the case and investigate to prove the negligence of the liable party. We are here if you need a Scranton medical malpractice attorney. Do not wait until it is too late to file a wrongful death lawsuit.

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