The Xarelto attorneys at the Trapani Law Firm are evaluating lawsuits for patients who have suffered severe bleeding while using the Xarelto, which have lead to severe personal injury or wrongful death. Xarelto is a blood thinner prescribed for the prevention of blood clots and stroke. Sadly, Xarelto’s manufacturers chose not to warn that the drug also causes uncontrollable fatal internal bleeding that has lead to pulmonary embolism, cerebral or brain hemorrhage, traumatic brain injury, gastrointestinal bleeding, epidural hematoma, hemorrhagic stroke, ischemic stroke and even wrongful death. Our Xarelto lawsuit lawyers offer free consultations anytime.

When Xarelto (rivaroxaban) was introduced by Johnson & Johnson and Bayer (Janssen Pharmaceuticals) the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) scolded J&J for claiming Xarelto would not require dosage adjustments. Xarelto is Bayer’s top-selling drug, making over $3 billion in revenue last year. The issue is that both patients and doctors were not properly warned that the product may cause extensive internal bleeding. Additionally, Xarelto is the only anticoagulant recommended for once-per-day dosing. All other anticoagulants are dosed at twice-per-day.

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Xarelto lawsuits are beginning to grow in volume, over 20,000 lawsuits have been filed in federal court. The biggest allegation is that there should have been a warning that the communicated the risk of the internal bleeding issue and the lack of an effective reversal of the symptom once the bleed began. Additionally, the marketing for Xarelto had far too much puffing, which induced doctors to prescribe the defective drug even though it was more dangerous than necessary for most patients. Further, Xarelto should have been recalled once these dangers became more prominent but the pharmaceutical companies chose large profits over customer safety and must be held responsible. Patients should have been clearly warned of the side effects and risks so they could have made an informed decision. The best Xarelto lawyers will have a reputation of settlement success and high moral character in the legal community.

The first Pennsylvania state court Xarelto lawsuit went to trial in November of 2017. The jury returned a verdict of $28 million for the Plaintiff’s personal injury and pain and suffering. The victim suffered atrial fibrillation or an irregular heartbeat for which she had been prescribed Xarelto for one year. Ad a result, she suffered gastrointestinal bleeding. The jury awarded her $1.8 million in compensatory damages and $24.2 million in punitive damages. Xarelto lawsuits will continue for years to come and our Xarelto lawsuit attorneys are here to help our local Pennsylvania community.

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If you have been prescribes Xarelto and suffered a personal injury that may include: internal bleeding, stroke, coughing up blood, frequent nose bleed, discolored urine or blood in urine, weakness or swelling of extremities or bleeding around the spinal cord or any other neurological injury we are here to help. The best Xarelto lawsuit lawyers will have a proven track record of integrity and success within their local Pennsylvania community. If you or a loved one has suffered a stroke or other personal injury while taking Xarelto, please do not hesitate to call a defective drug injury lawyer at the Trapani Law Firm.

Our Xarelto lawsuit lawyers work on a contingency fee, meaning we don’t get paid unless we secure financial compensation for our clients. Additionally, all consultations are completely free of charge, so please give us a call today to discuss a possible Xarelto stroke lawsuit. Our Lehigh Valley personal injury lawyers are here to help get you and your family the justice and compensation they deserve. The Pennsylvania Xarelto attorneys at the Trapani Law Firm are here to fight for you and your family.

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Our Xarelto lawyers are happy to meet you in your home or local hospital, if that is more convenient. If you are located in any of the following cities we can meet you at a moments notice: Allentown PA, Altoona PA, Bethlehem PA, Easton PA, Erie PA, Harrisburg PA, Hershey PA, Lancaster PA, Lehigh Valley PA, Philadelphia PA, Pittsburgh PA, Pocono PA, Reading PA, Scranton PA, State College PA, Stroudsburg PA, Wilkes-Barre PA, York PA and Phillipsburg NJ. Call us anytime for a free Xarelto settlement lawsuit consultation.

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